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Kaitlin Elizabeth Baptiste
Kaitlin Elizabeth Baptiste

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29-year-old Kaitlin Elizabeth Baptiste from the same address was also arrested because she was aware of the harassment. Police said he had been accused of conspiracy to harm a child, to subordinate reckless endangerment, and to both deliberate persecution and irregular behavior. Baptiste also gave him a $ 10,000 bail and will be on trial the same day as Grant.

Who is Kevin Grant Husband Kaitlin Elizabeth Baptiste?

Police said 31-year-old Kevin Grant from Forest Street was arrested Friday and charged with second-degree assault, willful persecution, risk of child harm, second-degree careless danger, and erratic behavior.

Couple Arrest & Charge

According to the arrest warrant, a Naugatuck man faces child abuse charges after throwing a child across the room, lighting fireworks in his mouth, and putting him to sleep in a locked laundry room for four months.
Grant’s bond was set at $ 25,000; He posted it after his trial at the High Court in Waterbury and is scheduled to return to court on 10 November, according to forensic records.
The statement of arrest warrant reveals more than a dozen ways in which Grant harassed the unidentified but recognized child. An anonymous complaint to the State Department of Children and Families brought child welfare workers and police home on October 1.

According to the search warrant, in June the boy’s brother fell on a table while playing with his siblings at home and “broke his head.” In an interview with an investigator, the boy was sitting on the sofa, watching TV at the time, and said that he did not hurt his brother, but everyone started to blame him.

Grant told the boy to go to the toilet and take care of his brother’s wound, the boy said. The official also repeatedly hit all over his body with a belt and lifted the boy from the back of his neck and threw it across the room.

After that, the boy was forced to stand in the corner with his head facing the wall for about a week. The boy had to stand even while he was eating, he said, and the arrest warrant said “the rest of the family was not allowed to eat everything good that they ate.
“Grant made the boy sleep in a trailer outside the house one night,” he said. He then returned and took the boy to the garage where he slept for about five nights.

After that, Grant put the boy to sleep in the laundry room for four months, to the researchers. The search warrant said that the mother was only allowed to knock on the door when the child had to go to the toilet. But Grant used to yell at him and pee in his pants for knocking on the door.

The boy said, according to the arrest warrant, “Kevin would keep doing things and do things that would harm him.”
Grant, for example, said he would have the kid kneel on hard, uncooked rice all day long. The search warrant said the rice would stick to his legs and he would suffer for days. Also, he did push-ups on the boy until he could not move his arms.
The boy described how Grant forced him to stand on a ladder with one foot in the air. Grant was putting pins on the steps and under the ladder so that when the child could no longer hold his feet, he could step on the nails that “caused his feet to bleed too much.”

Grant told the boy one day to put a bottle of the rocket in his mouth and let Grant burn the wick. When he said he didn’t want children, Grant said either that he was or he would be shot with a belt. So the boy agreed, he told the detectives. In the authorization, Grant put the bottle rocket in the boy’s mouth, burned it, and the rocket exploded, injuring the boy. Her mother and Grant had to apply medication to her injured cheeks to help them heal.

The official said Grant also gave the boy a glass of hot sauce and the boy would have stomach ache and vomiting.

Part of the harassment, he ordered, was emotional rather than physical. Grant, for example, once took all the child’s drawings and burned them in front of him and gave the boy’s books to his brothers.
The search warrant said the police arranged a meeting with Grant at 11:30 am on October 8th to discuss the allegations. But Grant called at 11.45 am and said that neither he nor the Baptiste would come to the police station because of their lawyers.