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Karen Rasmussen Joye
Karen Rasmussen Joye

Karen Rasmussen Joye Wiki – Karen Rasmussen Joye Biography

Karen Rasmussen Joye, who was Karen all her life, is in a viral video showing that she refuses to log in to Black Postmates distributor Jordan Mykel, who is trying to bring food to another tenant in her building.

In the video, Mykel says she has the food to deliver, but she doesn’t believe she’s a deliveryman, because she’s black and doesn’t want her there. He also asked if there was some kind of heist.

“So won’t you let me deliver this dish?” asked the delivery man. “I have a number.” Moved to enter keypad.

“Don’t point me this thing!” he cited the phone he used to record. “Don’t deliver anything here, we don’t want you here. I don’t want you here. I never want you here. ““There’s a woman at the door,” the delivery man said to the tenant through intercom. “Hello? Who is this?” the woman asked, speaking to the tenant.

“Excuse me, can you get away from me now?” said the delivery man.

“Who is speaking?” The woman continued. “I live in this building. Who is this? “Even if they talked about the intercom of the building, he doubted the tenant living in the building.” I don’t let this guy come in. Can I bring your food to you? ”

“Who are you, who is this?” the tenant asked, confused. “I’m living here, asshole! And I’m paying rent here, ”said the woman. “Me too, what are you asking for?” said the tenant.

“I want you to get out of my building because you don’t live here,” the woman said, rolling to the delivery man.

“I’m a Black man, I’m trying to surrender …” “I don’t care to be a purple man! He doesn’t live here. ” “I don’t know him and I don’t want people to steal him in my building … he’s not a deliveryman, he has no cars, no bikes, nothing.”

“That car I pulled? This is my white car. ”

Karen Rasmussen Joye Viral Video

Karen Rasmussen Joye Husband

Public online records show that Karen’s full name is Karen M Rasmussen Joye. He is married to a lawyer named Gary Joye, who lives in Apartment 110 in Westwood Kelton Apts, where this happened in LA.

According to Lawyer.com, Gary M. Joye is a partner that deals with partners involving the application of antitrust laws to traditionally regulated industries, including telecommunications and energy transport and supply. Trial and appeal practices include customers in the aviation, entertainment, and manufacturing industries.

An email to Gary has not yet been answered.