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Karl Jacobs
Karl Jacobs

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As soon as the key trend on Twitter was the hashtag #TwitterGuyIsOverParty, many people wondered what it was all about. Is Twitter the founder of the microblog site? Or another Twitter manager? Whose cancellation party was Twitter users actually celebrating? When you start examining the tweets under the hashtag, you will see that the Twitter guy mentioned by thousands of users is the person who wrote the comments for trending topics.

On Twitter, you must have noticed that under the occasional trending topics there is a brief explanation of why a particular term or hashtag is trending. It usually happens when the trend is not mainstream or something familiar, or the reason behind the trend is not immediately obvious. Therefore, when the term El Rapids started to trend, fans of the Minecraft video game were not satisfied with what the following description read. In the tweet below, “It was a small win. To change the hashtag #Twitterguyisoverparty to El Rapids” and “You have the option for the Twitter guy to cancel or write a statement, it’s an easy choice # twitterguy4rapids #twitterguyisoverparty”.

“Mexican L’Manberg’s beloved Minecraft location officially changed its name to El Rapids during the most recent QuackityHQ stream,” the statement under El Rapids said. You can read all this Minecraft fandom here.

Someone who hits the Twitter comment guy tweeted, “mf couldn’t even write a single statement when he had so much time to do this. Please like he’s not used to this so far” hashtags # twitterguyisoverparty and # twitterguy4rapids. Another user who shared a reaction video of a popular Minecraft actor with XXXTentacion’s song ‘F ** k Love’ and Trippie Redd playing in the background wrote, “I can’t believe someone would hurt him this way. Another one said, “Now he’s dead. Is this what you want? Is that what you want, Twitter guy? Is that what you want?”

The person in the video is Twitch broadcaster Karl Jacobs, this user said, “Twitch broadcaster Karl Jacobs quit DEAD after the Twitter guy refused the country invitation.”