Who is Karla Lasiter? Wiki, Bio, Teacher Accused of mistreating a black child, Family, Career, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Karla Lasiter
Karla Lasiter

Karla Lasiter Wiki – Karla Lasiter Bio

Karla Lasiter is an elementary school teacher. She reportedly made a black kindergarten student, turned on the toilet. Also, the boy’s grandmother says the toilet was filled with feces. And she had to do it with her bare hands.

Karla Lasiter Age

She is 52 years old.

Karla Lasiter’s  Victims Family

Tami Murry is the boy’s grandmother. She says in a Facebook post that the incident will traumatize her. In addition it will worry. The child is 5 years old.

Ashley Murry, the boy’s mother, said in an interview with KATV, “His teacher at Crystal Hill Primary School made him clean the toilet with his hands because he used too much toilet paper. It also adds that the teacher apologized. And he had his son move to another class. But she says the school needs to take more serious steps with the teacher.

Meanwhile, another mother said that her child was treated the same as a different teacher, she said.

Karla Lasiter Career

Lasiter is a kindergarten teacher. She works at Crystal Hill Primary School. In September 2020, it was quoted by ABC7 in an article that elementary school teachers describe how students are used to wearing masks.

Additionally, he helped establish a nonprofit organization in the past, but the charter was revoked.