Who is Kasandra Ayala, Wiki, Age, Biography – Charged With Kidnapping

Kasandra Ayala

Kasandra Ayala Biography

Kasandra Ayala from Spokane was arrested on Saturday and charged with kidnapping, taking a motor vehicle without permission, and several counts of assault. According to a statement from the Spokane Police Department, the bizarre incident began unfolding at 2pm on Saturday.

Kasandra Ayala Age

She is 32 years old woman

Kasandra Ayala Test Driver Kidnapped Salesman

A routine test drive at a Washington state car dealership took a dangerous turn over the weekend when police say a woman kidnapped a salesman and led police on a chase, which ended with the runaway Kia Optima ramming two patrol cars and injuring an officer.

complaint by a man to Police

Police received a call from a salesman at Dave Smith Nissan telling them that he was on a test drive with a couple and that the female driver was refusing to return the 2016 white Kia Optima to the dealership lot or to let him out of the vehicle.

The captive dealership employee stayed on the phone with the police and continued to update the location of the car. Patrol units quickly located the Kia allegedly operated by Ayala and tried to pull it over.

Kasandra Ayala followed by Police

Police followed Ayala in a low-speed chase that ended when a sergeant used his patrol car to strike and stop the other ride.

Ayala, however, refused to stop and proceeded to lead police on a low-speed chase, according to the department.

Throughout the pursuit, the officers continued getting updates from the victim, who told them that Ayala was saying that she was not going to pull over. The man told police he was afraid she was going to harm him.

At one point, the woman allegedly told the salesman, ‘Hope you’re ready to die today.’

Ayala, who was slightly injured, appeared in court Monday with a massive bruise on her left eye. Her bond was set at $20,000

‘The police dispatcher could hear a woman in the background during the 911 call,’ according to the police statement. ‘She was exclaiming she knew the victim was on the phone with police but she was not going to pull over.’

As the chase continued, Ayala pulled into a parking lot, prompting police to try and block her in, but she was able to evade them and sped off.

Kasandra Ayala was On the Long way to Kidnap

Ayala, who is married mom-of-two, allegedly admitted to using meth and talked about cleansing the world of demons

Now driving at a higher speed, Ayala ended up in the area of 14th Avenue and Latawa Street, where there is a dead end.

Officers again tried to block the Kia with their patrol vehicles, but Ayala allegedly rammed through the cruisers, damaging three of them.

Kasandra Ayala Accident

Determined to stop Ayala in an effort to protect the victim and the general public, a patrol sergeant used his car to ram the Kia, bringing the chase to a close. Ayala and one of the officers on the scene suffered minor injuries and were taken to a hospital to be evaluated.


Why Kasandra Ayala Arrested – Charged Bond

A judge set bond at $20,000 for Kasandra Ayala accused of kidnapping a car dealer during a test drive in Spokane. old Kasandra Ayala was arrested on charges of kidnapping, taking a motor vehicle without permission and assault for the car chase on Saturday. Ayala appeared in court Monday but it’s unclear if she has an attorney.  A Dave Smith Nissan employee called for help during the test drive after the woman refused to pull over or let him out.

Facts That You must Need to Know Kasandra Ayala

  • Kasandra Ayala, 32, is charged with kidnapping, taking a motor vehicle without permission, and several counts of assault
  • She is accused of holding a salesperson captive while test-driving a 2016 Kia Optima in Spokane, Washington, on Saturday 
  • Victim said Ayala refused to return to the Dave Smith Nissan dealership, or let him out of the car after dropping off a child during test drive
  • She also let a man who was with her out of the car after he told her he did not want ‘any part of this’ 
  • Police say Ayala led them on a chase, refused to pull over and rammed two patrol cars before a sergeant disabled her vehicle 
  • Ayala, who has two children, reportedly admitted to using meth and talked about her ability to ‘cleanse the world of demons’