Kathleen Jo Henry (Died in Hotel) Wiki, Age, Bio, Cause Of Death, Family, Net Worth, Fast Fact You Need To know

Kathleen Jo Henry Wiki

Kathleen Henry the 30-year-old indigenous woman who authorities believe was killed on September 4 as Brian Steven Smith, 48, allegedly filmed himself as he attacked her.

According to her Facebook account, Henry was working to get her life on track and was taking the proper steps to get there.

Kathleen Jo Henry Life

She reportedly received her GED in October 2012 while at the Highland Mountain Correctional Center and shared her compassionate, carefree spirit with the world.

On August 26, she said: ‘I will be seated inside a jet plane without looking back and just focus on a new lifetime.’

She said in 2018 that she was avoiding negativity.

‘A lot has been on my mind and I know for sure everything and anything will be far from negativity because I can make a choice to do so,’ she said.

‘Take it easy and enjoy life.’

Henry also said: ‘I live daily with a whole lot of soft-hearted not HATRED feelings unless someone treats me with disrespect then I’ll treat you the same amount of disrespect. Treat others the way you want to be treated.’

Kathleen Jo Henry Family & Friend

Friends and family have taken to her social media account to mourn the loss of their loved one.

One woman wrote: ‘Rest with JESUS Kathleen .. I SCREAM FOR JUSTICE/ LIFE IN IMPRISONMENT.’

Henry shared her vision for ‘a new lifetime’ with friends and loved ones on her Facebook page (pictured)

Henry expressed wanting to ‘get [her] life straight and act together’ in the days leading up to her sudden death

Another wrote: ‘Praying God’s peace for you and strength for your family during this difficult time.’

‘I pray that your family finds peace,’ one person said.

‘Such a sad story and situation to read about. Hate that people can be so cruel and evil. Rest on sweetheart.’

Kendra Kloster, Executive Director of Native Peoples Actions, called Henry’s death ‘heartbreaking.

Kloster told KTVA-TV: ‘We’re just really tired of hearing all the violence that’s going on against indigenous women. It’s heartbreaking, it’s traumatic for our communities and this is why this is one of the top issues for us.’

Kathleen Jo Henry Husband Stephanie Bissland

His wife of five years, 69-year-old Stephanie Bissland, spoke to KTUU and voiced her support for him, saying that he was ‘a good husband’ and that he has never exhibited any violent tendencies.

KIller Smith

Smith, a recently naturalized US citizen, was arrested on Tuesday in Anchorage and charged with first-degree murder after being identified because of his South African accent.

Smith, 48, was arrested Tuesday after police linked him to a memory card found on the street that was labeled ‘homicide in downtown Marriott.’ The SD card allegedly contained 39 photos and 12 videos of the suspect who brutally assaulted and strangled a woman in a hotel room at the TownePlace Suites by Marriott (pictured) in Anchorage

Kathleen Jo Henry Cause  Of Death

The footage – time-stamped September 4 – showed the woman with long dark hair being strangled as her assailant stomped on her throat.

Hours later, the videos showed the suspect carrying her body through the hotel parking lot on a white sheet and placing it in a van that matched the one that Smith shares with his wife. Dozens of photos showed Henry lying naked on the hotel carpet with a bruised left eye, bloody blue lips and red marks on his face.

Fast fact You Need To Know

  • Kathleen Jo Henry, 30, from Anchorage, was identified as the murder victim by authorities 
  • Henry was working towards ‘a new lifetime’, sharing that she got her GED on her Facebook account
  • She posted about getting her ‘act together’ and shared her kind, carefree spirit with friends
  • Family, friends, and strangers have expressed their sadness and heartbreak over Henry’s sudden death on her Facebook page
  • Brian Steven Smith was arrested Tuesday and charged with first-degree murder after a memory card with 39 photos and 12 videos of the murder – labeled ‘homicide at midtown Marriott’ – was found on the street and turned in to police
  • The 48-year-old suspect allegedly recorded himself assaulting and strangling Henry at a Marriott hotel in Anchorage on September 4 
  • His wife of five years, Stephanie Bissland, 69, said he was a good husband and was never violent