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Kathryn Graves
Kathryn Graves

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A black student, Kathryn Graves, filmed a middle-aged white woman who started talking a vile racist on the streets of Manhattan – using the word N repeatedly and calling her “monkey.”

Kathryn Graves Age

She is 27 years old.

Yale Doctoral Student Kathryn Graves

Yale doctoral student Kathryn Graves told Post that she was walking in Midtown on the Black Lives Matter T-shirt on Saturday afternoon when the woman started yelling at her, which encouraged her to turn off the music in your headphones.

“Obama fucks d-k right next to his wife, he breaks his monkey,” said the unidentified woman in Graves, according to images she immediately started recording and posting on Instagram.

After making monkey sounds at Brown University graduation, the woman holding a box of Natural Ice beer seems to be moving away a few inches from her because she repeatedly called it a “ner monkey”.

“What’s wrong, you have time to leave your hair pink and red; you are not Obama of the monkeys,” said the woman, before turning around to finally cross Third Avenue.

Graves Remained Calm Throughout The Exchange

The graves remained calm throughout the change and said that the true hatred of the racist woman’s words did not reach later.

“I kind of blocked how painful the words were and thought pragmatically,” the psychology student told The Post.

“Before I even started to deal emotionally with what was going on, I knew I had to record it” and “try to figure out what to do if she tried to attack me,” she said, fearing it would. you may have a hidden weapon. , too.

“I recorded and left … there was nothing on my side to stop me, except that I was there,” she said.

“I have never [before] seen anyone hate me.”

The mask-wearing Graves, however, later said that he realized he was under the additional threat of catching the coronavirus with the racist aggressor without any facial coverage. He was also upset when he saw that people had not intervened.

“She was talking loud enough, it was very clear what she was saying and the idea that … no one felt the need to intervene – it really bothers me a lot,” she said. calling it “hard to watch”.

Graves thinks this highlights a general problem with Americans who think being non-racist is enough.

“You need to be actively anti-racist – it is not enough not to be racist,” she said.

New York police

Since then, he has sent the entire video to the New York police and said he had contacted the police and another potential victim of the same woman, Graves said. He thinks the harasser is probably homeless, but insists that no mental health problem is an excuse because “racism is not a symptom of any of these”.

“I don’t want to see this woman in jail,” Graves said, saying he would prefer that she receive mental health treatment – although she fears it could be “a risk to public security”. .

“If her hands were empty, she could have hit me. It could get worse at some point,” Graves warned.

“If nothing happens, that woman can be dangerous.”