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Kawaski Trawick
Kawaski Trawick

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Ellen Trawick identified the police who shot her son as Officer Brendan Thompson and her partner as Officer Herbert Davis, who said both officers received crisis intervention training to deal with mentally ill patients.
Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark said on Wednesday night that an NYPD officer who fatally shot a Bronx man at his apartment door in a controversial encounter last year would not face criminal charges.
Kawaski Trawick’s death on April 14, 2019 raised questions about how the NYPD was responding to calls involving mentally ill patients.

Kawaski Trawick Shot & Dead

Clark said in a statement that after a year of investigation into the murder, his office would not file a criminal complaint, but would “demand a careful review of police procedures and training techniques”.
According to police testimony on his death, 32-year-old Trawick was hurling a wooden stick and knife and was not left on the ground after being stunned by a Taser at Hill House, a Morris Heights social service center. with addiction and other problems.
But police reform advocates questioned a series of incidents that led to his shooting and why the police did not close the door to him instead of opening fire.
Police and firefighters dueled the 911 calls that night. According to the police account, Trawick called FDNY at the scene and claimed that he was locked and his apartment burned.

The firemen were unable to open the door by force and find fire, and the police responded to two more 911 calls alleging that Trawick had threatened the neighbors and hit the doors with a large stick.

Terence Monahan, NYPD Department Head, said the day after the incident, responding officers were directed to Trawick’s fourth-floor apartment, where they found the door “unsafe”. Trawick accused the officers with guns in his hand, and one of the officers knocked him down, shocking him with Taser, Monahan said, bouncing back and continuing his accusation, and after the officers left his home, the police who harassed him shot him four times in the chest, telling him.

Public Defender Jumaane Williams, who saw the body camera footage of the attack, questioned the police’s reaction in an interview with The City last year.

“He was kept in his apartment,” Williams told his website. “And so there was no one who was particularly in danger. You could actually close the door… I feel like there’s an opportunity to step back and close the door, and everyone would be fine. Williams also questioned whether the responding officers knew how to treat him as an emotionally disturbed person.

Trawick’s mother accused Clark’s office of building a wall for over a year, and voided his decision not to blame the officer and his partner.

The officers who killed my son exacerbated the situation with each step by opening the door of his home while he was cooking, then giving him orders when he was not with them, then Fresh out without any threat, and then shoot him, ”said Ellen Trawick. “They didn’t help at all and let him die on the ground.”