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Kayla Eubanks
Kayla Eubanks

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Kayla Eubanks is a Southwest Airlines passenger who said she was denied boarding on Tuesday because her breasts were seen as “obscene, obscene and offensive.” He had to put on a pilot’s shirt after airline personnel told him that the low-cut top was uncomfortable.

Kayla Eubanks kicked off flight

Eubanks took to Twitter to share his annoyance with the airline after he was denied entry to a plane unless he covered himself. She wore a black tank top accompanied by a red skirt and black pants.
“Everyone, I was kicked off my @SouthwestAir flight because my boobs are” lewd, obscene and offensive, “he said in a post Tuesday.” They told me that passengers can look at me in my outfit and take offense. ”

In another post, he shared a video he took of an employee looking up Southwest’s dress code policy minutes before departure time, saying that the employee “practically did cartwheels to make sure I wouldn’t get on this plane. They stopped me at the door for 30 minutes because of my shirt. ”
She then recorded the captain, who had just come out of the bathroom at the door, walking towards him after being called by the clerk.
“They are hating you because you look good right?” the captain told him.

The captain ended up giving him his own shirt because he was clearly uncomfortable with the conversation.
“If they say, ‘Hey, the rule says you have to cover yourself,’ do you have anything?” asks: “Do you have a shirt or do you want me to give you one of mine?”

Southwest Airlines Statement

A Southwest spokesperson said the airline “approached her directly to apologize for her experience and reimbursed her fare as a gesture of goodwill.” The representative added in an email: “Regarding our policies, every situation is very different and our employees are responsible for complying with our Contract of Carriage, available on our website.”