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Keese Love
Keese Love

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Keese Love as one of the BLM gang seen beating an unconscious man on Portland street in a video that has since gone viral. Love is seen kicking the vulnerable rider in the face from behind, instantly cracking his head and bringing him to the ground. It was unclear what triggered the conflict, but some witnesses tweeted that he was trying to intervene in a discussion between the mob and another person.

Keese Love Work

Keese Love worked as a security agent with the Portland International airline. The airport has confirmed in a statement that it is no longer operating at the airport. He also lists his work as a DJ for Portland Oregon clubs, according to Facebook, which is now deleted.

Keese Love BLM Attack

A video touring on social media shows disturbing video shows where a gang of Portland Black Lives Matter protesters force a white man to crash into his truck, then punch and kick him.

The victim is wrapped in a white Ford truck at 22:30. On Sunday, the others attacked a woman she was with, who was punched in a fierce melee fight and even fell to the ground.

He did nothing! Sitting in his truck as the others punched the driver, someone could be heard calling, which was kicked repeatedly.

Keese Love Kicked the Driver

As the crowd dispersed to watch another fight, Keese Love turned around – kicked the vulnerable rider from behind and instantly knocked him down with a crack in his head. “What the fuck are you talking about!” The assailant, wearing a shirt that read “SECURITY” on the front and back, screamed after the victim’s head hit the ground.

Later, the victim was shown bleeding from a large wound on the back of his head as he appeared unconscious in another nearly 2.5-minute clip. The woman was shown crying nearby as the crowd held her back and looked like a rifle in her truck.

“Black living matter, zo!” One man shouted constantly as the others checked that the victim was alive. Even though she was unconscious, a woman was heard teasing her, “Bitch lift your ass!”

Unidentified Driver Sped Off but later Crashed

As the driver, who could not be identified according to the clips, eventually chased the mob, some heard him laugh loudly when he hit a tree and then a building.

He was dragged from the truck and hit the ground while begging for help – he was punched repeatedly while trying to search for his wife while sitting on the ground begging attackers, videos show.

“I’m not trying to hurt anyone,” he told them that the only unexplained accusation heard in the clips was “COVID is real.” “I was trying to get off the road,” he insisted, because several of the group punched him in the face and repeatedly said the N word to the white driver.

Police Responded

Portland police said in an evacuation that the police must assist ambulance crews when confronted with “an enemy crowd”. Police said the victim was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries. “The incident is under investigation and no arrest has been made,” the force said.

Police said “protesters followed the truck before it crashed and attacked the driver after the accident”.