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Ken Dilanian
Ken Dilanian

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Ken Dilanian is an American journalist and presenter known for his coverage of Iraq as a foreign reporter with American troops. It acted independently of Baghdad, which was torn by the war at that time. He is currently working in the research unit as an off-off reporter for NBC News, which primarily focuses on national security and intelligence.

Ken Dilanian Age

Ken Dilanian is 52 years old.

Ken Dilanian Education

He graduated from Williams College in 1991 with a bachelor’s degree in political science and history.

Ken Dilanian Family

Dilanian is married and blessed with two boys making a perfect family of four.

Ken Dilanian Career

Dilanian started his career in Washington D.C., where he worked from April 2010 to May 2014. He started out as a reporter in his office. He also worked as a writer for the LA Times.

Ken received a lot of consideration and attention for writing about Deaths in Philadelphia’s child welfare system and covering the news in Iraq. It earned him the Casey Medal for Merit Journalism in 2007.

He is currently working in the research unit as an off-air reporter for NBC News, focusing primarily on national security and intelligence.

Ken Dilanian Curse on Live TV

Dilanian swore on live television in the middle of a broadcast. In a televised conversation with Craig Melvin on MSNBC, Dilanian did not seem to realize that he was on the air when he suddenly started swearing at the camera.

What Dilanian and Melvin had to discuss was the Trump administration’s support during the transition to the Biden administration. Melvin asked Dilanian what he had learned in terms of the American intelligence community and the impending transition. Dilanian did not answer the question. Instead, there was a now viral, awkward moment.

Dilanian looked at his phone and muttered, “Oh sh ** t, fuck.” Melvin answers, “Okay.”

Dilanian went to Twitter to apologize and pointed the error to some technical issues. “I’m very sorry for the swearing I used on the broadcast last hour. I was having some technical problems and even though my microphone was still on, I accidentally switched it to the control room. The dangers of playing the producer, cameraman, and tech support from home at the same time.

Twitter users told him not to apologize. Many said that the moment represents 2020 and the unpredictable nature of the year. The same point claimed that the swearing was attributable to the audience and that no one could blame Dilanian for using the swearing.