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Kerry Nash

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Ms. Nash became viral after filming her shocking boom at a Bunnings store in Narre Warren’s Melbourne suburb on Friday.
She accused staff in the store politely of abusing human rights, asking her to wear a mask, and was arrested shortly after clashing with the police outside.

Kerry Nash unmasked as a woman in the center of an anti-mask video in Bunnings that went viral on Saturday (July 25th). He worked as a senior sales consultant at ISelect, his former employer made a statement today in response to his Twitter posts.

Kerry Nash Age

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Kerry Nash Work & Career

“Nash hasn’t worked for iSelect since December 18,” Kerry Nash said. “# Bunnings Karen refused to wear a mask for no legitimate reason. We fully comply with the COVID restrictions in accordance with the guidelines that our WFH-capable staff cannot wear masks in our office. ”
Kerry Nash described herself as a “strong sales professional” in her profile and “showed a working history in the consumer services industry”.

According to Ms. Nash’s Linkedin page, she worked as a Senior Sales Consultant by the company in 2012 and is proud of ‘customer service’.
It is not clear where Mrs. Nash works.
His behavior led to widespread criticism online, many of them angry with his attitude towards workers, the police and the COVID-19 regulation.
However, despite the backlash, Ms. Nash continued her anti-mask crusade, and two days later another video appeared, running to a masked Australian Post officer.

Kerry Nash is a Conspiracy Theorist

On Thursday, July 23, an Australian anti-vaxxer, 5G reported that the conspiracy theorist group had begun the discussion in their local chemist after being asked to wear a face mask.
“How dare you! I have a medical exemption and you cannot discriminate against me!” Ms. Nash wrote in a long article. She said that she was trying to fight the guard, but in her words she “forgot to break the record.”
It was the first of three positions after asking Nash to wear a mask with police and retail workers in Melbourne in the next two days.
The former iSelect employee seems to believe in a number of different conspiracy theories, including face masks wearing the population and a massive global conspiracy to steer into social distance and these measures are not used to stop the spread of the coronavirus. .
She shared content claiming that Microsoft founder Bill Gates was trying to microchip the global population and said his face was unreliable.

Kerry Nash Went Viral

Ms. Nash filmed the staff during the dispute and refused to stop despite the calm demands of a male employee.
Other videos posted on Facebook show that he was later arrested by two police officers in the Lauderdale Road parking lot.
Finally, he explained that he had a medical exemption because he did not wear a mask after pulling away with the police.
When more officers arrived at the scene, Ms. Nash was pulling her handcuffs, but started a discussion with the officers about why her arrest was illegal.
She claimed that the legislation that allowed the police to arrest him was not voted by the Australians or approved by the ruler.
“You are talking about legislation that has not been submitted to parliament three times, we have not approved the people to act under it and have not been approved by the queen,” he said.
“This law is fraudulent. It doesn’t apply to me. ‘
Growing impatiently, the sergeant said he would not discuss his ‘opinion’ about the law.
“This is your personal belief, but that’s not the law we work under,” he said.
“ I will not have a discussion about what you believe in the law. This is a conversation between you and the judicial system. ‘

Bunnings Chief Operations Officer Deb Poole told 7 News that his actions were ‘completely unacceptable’.

“The client’s behavior towards our team was completely unacceptable, and we are proud of how our team handled the situation calmly and professionally,” he said.
‘The vast majority of customers who visit our Melbourne stores do the right thing and wear a mask that is required by our law and entry requirements.’

On Sunday, another video appeared online, boasting about the rights of the same woman to post office workers.

I don’t need a mask. It would be great if you could stamp it, ‘says as he approaches the Australian Post counter, the mobile phone camera is already recording the employee.

Ms. Nash then brings her staff along and tells her that she is not authorized to ask her to wear a face mask while serving quietly.

“I suggest you update yourself what the Human Services Department is doing with masks and who should wear them,” he says sharply.

And who has the authority to ask for this evidence? Because it’s not you. Thank you.’

A new law enforcing mandatory face masks in Melbourne came into effect on Thursday when Victoria fought to control a coronavirus outbreak.

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