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Kim Barnhart Realtor
Kim Barnhart Realtor

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Kim Barnhart is a real estate broker for Keller Williams, who attracted attention with a video he encountered at Lennox in the Brier Creek swimming pool on July 1. Publishers online say that a woman makes racist words when telling them to leave the pool, but the included woman, Kim Barnhart, says that she only applies the rules of the neighborhood to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Kim Barnhart Realtor Age

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Kim Barnhart Realtor Viral Video

In the viral video, it is heard that Barnhart asked whether you live here, a lady answers by asking, do you know everyone living here, The lady also asks, “How do you know I didn’t live here,” Barnhart replied, “Because I was here when this neighborhood was built, and I know every single person who buys it from here. I’ve been here since 2010 ″

“You know everyone living in my neighborhood here,” Barnhart asks. “Do you live here?” The lady said, ‘Yes.’ She asks. “Bi ***”, I am not giving you my address.

Curt Hamilton, who posted the video on Facebook, says that he and everyone in the group are 21 and “racially profiled and kicked out of a neighborhood pool”. Her two friends – an African-American and a Latin – live in Lennox on Brier Creek, and Barnhart has reset them.

Kim Barnhart Has Since Defended

In an interview with WRAL TV on Monday (July 6th), Barnhart said, “When I got there, there was a big group that I had not seen before, not one of them. I asked them that they live in the neighborhood, that someone lives in the neighborhood, and then they all looked at each other and nobody said they did. ” When he asked them to leave, he said that the group started fighting. “They were throwing me up and throwing the middle finger,” he said. “They surround my car. I had to get into my car and open my windows and told them that if they weren’t listening, I’d have to be involved in the police. ”

Kim Barnhart Keller Williams Realtor

Who works for Barnhart Keller Williams Realty is an American technology and international real estate dealer based in Austin, Texas. The number one franchise by sales volume in the U.S. is number one among agencies and units sold in 2017. The real estate company reversed the course on Monday (July 6th) and decided not to break ties with a Raleigh agency, which was the focus of a viral video.

A real estate broker for Barnhart Keller Williams and a landlords association for the townhouse complex. A resident said he was calling him to report that a group of young people who were not understood to live in the neighborhood were drinking pools. During the pandemic, the neighborhood only allows residents to use the pool.