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Kwasi Mensah-Ababio
Kwasi Mensah-Ababio

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Kwasi Mensah-Ababio was killed two days ago after being wrongly identified as a gang member accused of the murder of 32-year-old Craig Small.

He was shot in the head at close range while sitting on a park bench in Wembley, north London, on July 7 last year.
Four people were jailed after a shop employee was ‘executed’ in the case of false identity.

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Taalib Rowe, 25, was sentenced to 17 years in prison for manslaughter after his trial in March.
Judge Anuja Dhir QC said “they want a life of life”.
She said: “It was the execution of a completely innocent, hardworking, intelligent, well-loved young man.”

She said there was no word to describe the “grief and misery” the murder caused to the victim’s family at court.

Telling the court the background of his death, he said: “Days ago, Craig Small was shot and killed on the High Road in Harrow.

Shortly after Mr. Small’s murder, a mausoleum was built near the place where he was killed.

“Mr. Mensah-Ababio was neither involved with the gang nor with any gang or any crime. He was a humble man who respected the law.”

The judge said the defendants, all from Wembley, had seen the victim near the temple and then “confused” him with a member of the rival gang, whom they believed was involved in Mr. Small’s death.

Judge Dhir said: “For those convicted of murder, if you had not asked for Mr. Mensah-Ababio to be killed, it would have been an mitigating factor, but I am sure that was your intention.

“You wanted revenge for Mr. Small’s murder, and one of you was armed.” In such situations he was shot in the head, I have no doubt that he wanted a life of life. ”

The defendants were convicted on March 23, during the country’s isolation and the suspension of new cases at Old Bailey due to the epidemic.

They weren’t on the docks to be convicted and instead joined the Belmarsh prison via video link.

He said that his 26-year-old brother was “very successful to look forward to.

“Kwasi has never been involved in gangs or crime, and no person in this world could have predicted the amount of violence inflicted on him on July 7, 2019.”

“It will never stop the pain we had to endure during this period, and even if it is not our fault, it will never remove the feeling of guilt that we all felt individually because of various things that day.

“My right hand is not here anymore, my children will never have close cousins, my children will only know pictures of their uncle, my parents will never see their only son growing up to have a family, and these are things that will never hurt. Few.”

Police investigation revealed that Montaque’s close friend Smalls was seeking revenge when he was allegedly killed just two days before he was killed by rival gang St Raphs.

The four defendants were seen on CCTV entering the park where Mr Mensah-Ababio was sitting on a bench and drinking soft drinks.

They shot him in vain because they mistakenly believed he was someone they thought was responsible for Mr. Smalls’ death.

Det Serg Brian Jones said: “This was a shocking case and Kwasi’s untimely and violent death was the result of the defendants’ appetite for revenge.

“He caused destruction in a family and I sincerely hope that even though nothing could bring Kwasi back, his family felt justice was done.

“Our team, like all murder squads at the Met, is working non-stop to identify suspects and bring them to justice, and this case was no exception.”