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La Cholita
La Cholita

La Cholita Wiki – La Cholita Biography

A glamorous woman sporting low-cut tops and posing with guns and rifles is believed to be a famous “big-breasted cartel assassin”. The name of the Mexican beauty is La Cholita, reportedly belonging to the brutal Los Viagras criminal group, whose rival is the Jalisco Next Generation Cartel (CJNG) led by Nemesio Oseguera Cervante. Reports also stated that she likes to make fun of rivals by sharing her sexy pictures with weird emojis on her face.

According to reports, in one of his videos, Cholita was reportedly calling CJNG members, alias El Mencho, as “coward” after they were reported to abandon a pickup truck. The Infobae newspaper reported that a regional war broke out in Michoacan state between CJNG and an alliance called Carteles Unidos (CU). CU cells are reported to be associated with Los Viagras, Nueva Familia Michoacana, and Blancos de Troy. The fierce war has also seen young children being killed in order to control the lucrative drug trade. Cholita’s sexy posts are reportedly part of the growing social media battle between gangs to intimidate each other.

La Cholita Arrested?

Reports state that Michoacan is famous for producing 70 percent of the world’s avocado production, but it is also one of Mexico’s states worst affected by organized crime. In a previous report, he said that a Mexican drug gang attacked an entertainment hall, killing nine people, including five boys. Members of the gang fired bullets at the gaming center in Michoacán, Uruapan. The attack of bandits armed with military weapons killed eight victims at the scene, while the ninth was announced to have died in hospital. The killers were said to be from the CJNG gang looking for two rival gang members from Los Viagras.

Like Cholita, CJNG had a sexy gang member known as La Catrina, who was the leader of a squad of armed men who ambushed state police in the municipality of Aguililla, Michoacan State on October 14, 2019. He died in January 2020, after clash with the Mexican National Guard. He was also famous for showing his curves and dangerous weapons in his social media photos.

In another incident, the retired Colombian cartel boss, known as Beto Renteria, was killed at his home by a rival gang in September. It was reported that the 75-year-old suspect came to power after the death of Pablo Escobar. He was known for leading the feared Norte del Valle gang, known for sending billions of dollars worth of drugs and contraband to the US. Renteria was killed while sitting on an armchair sipping water at his home in Sajonia, Tulua. The assassin used 9mm “dum dum” hollow-tipped shells to assassinate him. The killer was shot in the head before escaping on a motorcycle with an accomplice. Shortly after Renteria’s death, local authorities took extra measures to prevent a gang war from breaking out. Police forces were deployed to the area for security reasons, while investigators worked to find out who ordered the murder.