Who is Lang Holland? Arkansas Police Chief : Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Career, Many More Facts

Lang Holland
Lang Holland

An Arkansas police chief who threatened violence against Democrats last week, calling them “traitors” on social media, resigned from his job and apologized to the mayor of his town.

On Friday, the day before Joe Biden clinched his victory over President Donald Trump in the presidential election, Lang Holland, the police chief of the 1,300-populated rural Marshall in the northeastern corner of the state, turned to right-wing social media app Parler. to ventilate.

He wrote, “Death to all Marxist Democrats.” “Don’t take prisoners, don’t release survivors.”

A separate post attributed to the Netherlands in the same practice: “When this is over and Trump is president for another 4 years. Don’t go to sleep. Remember what these Marxist Democrat bastards are trying to do. Do not give them peace to the public face. Pour water on them in restaurants. Push off the sidewalks. Never traitor. they should not forget that they are and they have no right to live in this Republic after what they did. ”

The posts quickly caught the attention of residents and the media, and the Netherlands initially denied authorship when questioned, The Kansas City Star reported.

But after being confronted by Marshall Mayor Kevin Elliot on Saturday, Holland apologized and wrote a letter saying “immediately resigned.”

“City of Marshall condemns Mr. Holland’s posts on social media,” wrote Elliott. “The Marshall community does not support or tolerate in any way bullying or threats of violence against anyone for any political persuasion! We condemn him! ”

“We are a warm society that works humbly to build a bright future for ALL our citizens, whether long-term residents or newcomers,” the letter said. It was said. “Any statement to the contrary DOES NOT REFLECT Marshall’s values.”

According to KATV, the Netherlands has previously protested that the United States would become a “failed communist state” if the Government of the Republic had a power to wear a mask. Asa Hutchinson, according to KATV.

Prior to the statements, Holland, a former deputy who held the best post after a career that included being shot on the line two years ago, was hailed by the mayor as “the best police chief I have ever seen”. Arkansas Democrat-Gazette ”.

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According to KATV, following the emergence of questions about social media threats from the Netherlands, a new profile with its name and photo appeared in Parler, and “The real chef for recording is BU!” and claims that he was “appalled and disgusted” by previous comments he attributed to “my FAKE profile here”.

The author of the second profile wrote, “I am NOT an ignorant, violent, racist, violent Trump student as portrayed.” “Actually I’m very left-leaning on most issues BUT I’m a professional, so my political beliefs never affect my duty to protect ALL citizens in my jurisdiction.”

The post continued: “If I were so disgusting and morally bankrupt that imitators would have you believe, I would have to be a complete imbecile to publicize such disgusting features.”

The Netherlands could not be reached by phone for comment.

He wrote to the mayor, who has served in the county for six years and has been a lifelong resident: “His comments in no way reflect the City Government or the Marshall People of Arkansas.”

Trump, 74, insisted that he would not personally acknowledge the results of the presidential election and said he would face a series of legal difficulties in lost states such as Nevada and Pennsylvania.

Without evidence, the president argued that the 2020 contest was “stolen” from him and that the votes cast for Biden were fake, repeating the baseless allegations he made about other elections years ago.