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Larry Rendall Brock Jr
Larry Rendall Brock Jr

Larry Rendall Brock Jr Wiki – Larry Rendall Brock Jr Bio

Larry Rendall Brock, Jr., an Air Force Academy graduate and a Texas war veteran, was spotted in photos and videos circulating around the Capitol, and even as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi entered the office suite with other pro-Trump demonstrators, the New Yorker reported. . Friday.

Brock lives in Texas and is a graduate of the state’s Air Force Academy. It was added to the 706th Fighter Squadron.

Larry Rendall Brock Jr Age

Larry Rendall Brock Jr age is 53 years old.

Larry Rendall Brock Jr identified as rioter with zip ties


a rebel carrying military equipment and zippered handcuffs on the Senate floor was identified as a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel.

Brock confirmed to the exit that he was the man in photos and videos.

The veteran, whose pro-Trump views are increasingly radicalized according to his friends and family, said that his goal in Washington DC is to protest peacefully.

“The president asked his supporters to be there, and I really felt it was important to be there because of how much I love this country,” he told the New Yorker.

Brock, who lives in a suburb of Dallas, denied entering Pelosi’s office, but ITV News footage disputes his claim and shows he leaves the suite.

The 53-year-old father of three added that he was wearing tactical gear as he wanted to protect himself from Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

As for the zip ties, Brock claimed he found them on the ground.

“I wish I hadn’t taken them,” he said to the exit. “My thought process was that I was going to hand them over to an officer when I took them and saw them. I didn’t do this because I put it on my jacket and to be honest I forgot. ”

John Scott-Railton, a senior researcher at the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto, tweeted on Friday.

Scott-Railton detects those who went to the protests on social media. He also identified Brock and informed the New Yorker to the FBI that Brock had participated in the riots.

Another Air Force veteran in the violent siege – Alshi Babbitt, a vocal Trump supporter from California – was featured in multiple videos, fatally shot by Capitol police while attempting to open a barricaded door into the Senate chambers.

A Capitol police officer was also killed when he was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher, and three people involved in the protest suffered fatal medical emergencies. f