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Laura Mojica Romero
Laura Mojica Romero

Laura Mojica Romero Wiki – Laura Mojica Romero Bio

25-year-old Laura Mojica Romero has been warned that if convicted of the crimes she was detained, she would face up to 50 years in prison.

Coming from San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec, Oaxaca, Romero won the Miss Oaxaca regional beauty pageant in 2018 and entered the Miss Mexico pageant the following year. The Sun participated in the International Coffee Queen beauty pageant in Colombia in 2020.

According to the British newspaper, the college graduate, who first stood out after winning Miss Earth Oaxaca 2015, made headlines once again, albeit for all the wrong reasons. Mexican prosecutors posted photos of Romero’s criminal records, as well as pictures of the seven other suspects arrested with him.

Laura Mojica Romero Arrest & Charge

The English-speaking model triumphed as the representative of her nation at the 2020 International Coffee Queen beauty pageant in Colombia.

Romero, one of three women and five men arrested, was identified only by his first name, in a statement released by investigators in the eastern Mexican state of Veracruz.

The statement described it as ‘one of eight alleged members of a criminal organization specializing in kidnapping’. Prosecutors said an elite anti-abduction unit was taking action to ensure that “there is no ceasefire for people who seriously harm Veracruz.”

hey added: the capture of ‘Luis Antonio’ ​​N; Raúl ‘N’; María del Rosario ‘N’; Main Martha ‘N’; Laura ‘N’; César Enrique ‘N’; It took place in Veracruz when Diego ‘N’ and Jossiel ‘N’ staffed specializing in combating the kidnapping incident conducted an operation to capture those currently linked to this criminal investigation.

“The eight people allegedly kidnapped have been detained for two months pending the investigation.”

It appears that Laura was held in Huatusco, a city in the Mexican state of Veracruz.

The model described herself as ‘more than a pretty face’ in an interview in January 2019 following her Miss Oaxaca victory.

The graduate of business studies stated that their priority is to solve the problem of violence against women and said, ‘We cannot stand idle, we should eliminate violence against women through campaigns and training meetings that inform men about this issue.

She was described as a fluent English speaker at the time and a spokesperson in the fight against breast cancer and leukemia.