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Lee Keltner
Lee Keltner

Lee Keltner Wiki – Lee Keltner Biography

Lee Keltner was a 49-year-old hatter and Navy veteran whom police said he was shot and killed by a security guard hired by a local television station during the broadcast of the duel protests in Denver, Colorado.

The shooter was named Matthew Robert Dolloff, who was charged by the Denver District Attorney with second degree murder.

Lee Keltner Shot Dead

Keltner was at a Patriot Rally when police were shot by Dolloff, who signed a contract with 9News to “accompany staff in protests”. Dolloff had some left-wing views posted on social media, such as criticizing President Donald Trump and liking posts in favor of Bernie Sanders. Most of his missions were related to selling livestock and farming supplies.
Keltner’s family spoke after hearing that Dolloff would face charges, according to CBS Local.

The Keltner family obviously wants justice for Lee. The Second Degree Murder charges announced today represent a positive first step. “The available evidence supports these allegations,” he said. The family’s statement was partially read.

Friends offered tribute on social media. One, Laura Sanders wrote: “Lee was a loving husband, father and friend. He was a minister and helped those in need. He has grieving family and friends. ”

His mother, Carol Keltner, said Lee attended the Patriot Rally on the Facebook page of a tea party group in another state, “after the rally, someone from the BLM and Antifa side spoke a few bad words to him and shot him. In the head. He was killed for backing the police. “He said his grown-up son was there.

Keltner Owned a Hat Store

The Denver Post posted a photo of Keltner showing “working on a hat at his home store for Crossfire Hats” in 2015.

Keltner’s LinkedIn page describes him as the “Owner / chief of Crossfire hats” in Denver, Colorado. In 2015, the Denver Post reported on Keltner’s hat store.

“Everything I do is special. I make one hat at a time, do it right for that client, and then move on to the next.” reported that he said and said he liked “being an artist”.

The announcement was made on behalf of Keltner’s wife, who said the family was “shocked and mourned by the loss of a father, grandfather, son, brother and husband”, “a proud Colora, a veteran and an artist,” reports CBS Local. He added that Keltner served in the Navy.

A GoFundMe page to help the Keltner family raise more than $ 26,000.

He claimed that Keltner had threatened him with violence and attacked the news team. Westword reported that Jeremiah Elliott was the name of the protester in an argument with Keltner.

Lee Keltner
Lee Keltner


According to 9News, a “Patriotic Rally” and a counter-protest by a group called “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive” were held. A local talk show host claimed that the deceased was part of the Patriot Rally and “defended himself with bear spray”. Photos show Keltner touching Dolloff’s face. A police commander initially said it was unclear whether the victim was in the Patriot Rally.

Talk show host Richard Randall wrote on Twitte

r: “When THIS happened, I was interviewing a woman about 10 meters away. The man on the left had just left from the event organized by Tig and other patriots. He defended himself with bear spray. He was shot in the face and died. 2 suspects in custody. ”
Police said the clash started when the protests started to end around 15:30. Seven minutes later, officers stated that they had been fired. There were already someone in custody who turned out to be DollLee Keltner was a 49-year-old hatter and Navy veteran whom police said he was shot and killed by a security guard hired by a local television stationoff.

According to an arrest statement summarized in The Denver Post, Keltner was “involved in a dispute with the 9News maker, protected by Dolloff and Dolloff” by slapping Dolloff “on the side of the head” and as Keltner firing the gun “” . ”

There were some liberal trends in Matthew Robert Dolloff’s social media accounts. He wrote for Trump in 2016, “Fuck this guy.” The authorities did not attribute any political reason for the shooting. Joe Biden summoned a reporter who posted a “soot mess” on Twitter to a pro headline. Most of the Twitter posts are about farm animals. For example, he shared a post about honey and turkeys.

He posted a video showing him at an Occupy Denver protest.
He liked the tweet of a guy who wrote “Me and @BernieSanders” in 2016. #FeelTheBern. “Also,” the Confederate flag should be treated like a swastika. #tytlive ”and anti-Trump and Ben Carson tweets. Also, “Also, look at how cute this Bernie bumper sticker is. #Tytlive.”

The police denied that Dolloff was linked to antifa (anti-fascist).

“Update: Further investigation determined that the suspect was a private security guard with no affiliation with Antifa. Additional information will be released when available,” Denver police wrote on Twitter.

The police commander said that Mace was seized at the scene.

“There was a verbal discussion in the field of attraction between the art museum and the Denver public library. A firearm was fired. One person was shot and later declared dead. There were two guns found at the scene, ”said the commander at the scene.

“Further investigation revealed that at the time of the shooting, the suspect acted in a professional capacity as an armed security guard for a local media outlet, not a protest participant. Immediately after the incident, rumors circulated about the suspect’s affiliation with a particular group. Investigators said the suspect was acting in a professional capacity as a protest participant. Unaware of whether he was personally linked to the political organization, Dolloff did not have a license, according to the Washington Post.