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Florida and Alabama officials are looking for 21-year-old missing missing, Leila Cavett from Georgia. His toddler was found wandering alone in Florida Miramar over the weekend of July 24.

Miami Herald reported that Cavett’s son Kamdyn was barefoot and diapers in the parking lot of the apartment complex on Sunday. It was later identified by the authorities through social media.

Police Searching

The Hollywood Police Department took over the search, following Cavett’s clues that he was seen “near Hollywood Boulevard and the US Route 441, a highway from Miami to Georgia and North Carolina states to Tennessee.” the newspaper continued.

Herald, Miramar Police said that the missing woman’s car found a white Chevy Silverado 3500 in Hollywood in the late 90s, in the late 90s. According to the department’s Facebook, in addition to a red tailgate, the vehicle has a “Baby on Board” label on the passenger side.

Cavett stands roughly five feet of a quarter and has a handwritten “Kamdyn” tattoo on his right arm at the exit. There is also a Jesus fish symbol on his right wrist. Family members told CBS Miami that they were concerned about their safety and believed that Cavett was in danger.

Plans to Visit Florida Family Members Statement

Those close to Cavett confirmed to Miami Herald that a 21-year-old boy now lives in Dawsonville, approximately 50 miles north of Atlanta. Her family says she has no plans to travel to Florida and doesn’t know why she’s there.

Herald, Cavett’s sister, Gina Lewis, traveled from Jasper, Alabama to South Florida to learn more about disappearance.

“We don’t know if he has any friends or family to be here at first,” Lewis told the newspaper. “We’re not exactly sure what’s going on.”

According to Miami Herald, Lewis emphasized that his sister was unlike being without a toddler.

The Last Person to Have Contact with Her Grandmother

According to CBS Miami, Cavett’s grandmother, Carol Ferdinand, was the last person to communicate with a 21-year-old Facebook message on July 26.

“I think he was taken off the streets. He would never leave her baby, ”Ferdinand said to the station. “He’s my grandson, I know him, if we never left Kamdyn, it’s not his character.”

Family members told CBS Miami that they were trying to reach Cavett in his cell, but the phone rang.

Family members told CBS Miami, Cavett is currently single and has no relationship with his son’s father.

Miami Herald said that she met Kamdyn’s father, Daniel Lee West, in Dawsonville two years ago. Cavett was in a relationship with Levi Arnold at the time.

“We were never together; It was just a relationship, ”said Batı newspaper,“ Our relationship was only about Kamdyn. ”

Arnold, who now lives in Townley, Alabama, filled it as a father figure in the early days of the child, and explained it to Lewis Miami Herald. He also confirmed that Cavett is currently single.

West told Herald that he remained in contact with Cavett and his son, even after moving to Alabama in 2019 and returning to Georgia earlier this year.

“I just want Leila and Kamdyn to be safe,” said the 35-year-old newspaper. Leila is a great mother. It does everything for our son. ”

Miami Herald reported that a 21-year-old friend lives somewhere. Cavett previously stayed with Robin Jenkins and his aunt Dawsonville until the two became a dispute.

The Dawson County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to the newspaper that Cavett was in Dawsonville in February: “a family member prepared a report claiming that Cavett was using crack cocaine in a dwelling.”

According to Herald’s Alabama court records, he was arrested on drug charges in Walker County in 2019. The newspaper claimed that it was unclear whether the case was resolved.

Jasper’s Daily Mountain Eagle reported that Cavett had bypassed the February court date regarding two traffic fines and caused his license to be suspended in March.

According to Miami Herald, Lewis believes that Cavett is in trouble, although he does not know about his sister’s accusations.

“I definitely think it’s a danger to how Kamdyn was found,” Lewis said to Herald.