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Leo Christopher Kelly
Leo Christopher Kelly

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Leo Christopher Kelly is accused in the US District Court of Colombia of knowingly entering or staying in any restricted building or ground that does not have legal authority, and of violent entry on the grounds of the Capitol with the aim of disrupting the orderly conduct of official business and irregular behavior.

A Cedar Rapids, who said he “wanted to see what’s going on” while participating in the violent occupation of the US Capitol this month, is now facing federal charges for the attack.

Kelly was identified as part of the pandemonium by investigators in a video broadcast and two interviews with The Gazette and the LifeSiteNews website, according to a statement filing a complaint Friday.

Leo Christopher Kelly Arrested


In this video interview with LifeSiteNews, who describes herself as the opposite of abortion rights, Kelly said she was “one of the first people to break the Capitol and walk in with dozens of others.”

In his sworn statement, Kelly said in that interview that he spent between 30 minutes and an hour in the Capitol.

She claimed that the invaders did not meet law enforcement officials, and that she and the others were “as respectful as you can be when you really enter someone’s domain in such a way.”

Kelly confessed, according to sworn statement, that she went all the way to the Senate floor and prayed with others.

In the affidavit, her interview ended with a video of Kelly, possibly “during the uprising,” on her cell phone from the Senate floor.

Kelly said in her LifeSiteNews interview that she made a video to an interviewer, and according to the sworn testimony, it shows the tables that were opened and in turmoil and the other people participating in the occupation that day.

A video shot by Luke Mogelson of New Yorker Magazine also showed the scene that appeared on the Senate floor during the attack.

In the New Yorker video, Kelly can be seen inside the room starting at the 7:55 mark in the recording.

To the right of the frame, Kelly joins the others as protesters at the Senate president’s table, urging those around him to “pray in this holy place.” Kelly is grateful to our heavenly father for the opportunity to stand up for our God-given inalienable rights, the praying leader.

That prayer leader, whose words shouted over a megaphone, was also accused of close combat. Jacob Anthony Chansley, also known as the QAnon conspiracy “shaman,” adorned with horns and a bearskin hat, faces similar accusations of deliberately entering or staying in a restricted building or place without legal authority, and violent entry and erratic behavior on the Capitol grounds.

The complaint was that during Kelly’s video interview, “you felt contradictory about what was happening in the Capitol that day because ‘you’re violating someone else’s space … force you into a building … In some ways it feels really wrong but it’s really ours.”

Kelly also admitted that, according to the statement, this must be an “absolute last resort”. “Maybe we shouldn’t have done that … You just came to the end of your rope and were swept in a move.”