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Lesa Lopez
Lesa Lopez

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A 52-year-old woman from Salida was accused of killing her newborn baby, whose body was thrown into the bushes along Castro Valley Road in 1988, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department announced Monday.

Lesa Lopez Age

She is 52 years old.

Incident Detail

At the top of a nearby creek embankment, among trees and shrubs, a newborn baby discovered in a double bag discovered the lifeless body of the child.

Medical personnel like Alameda District sheriff deputies responded to the scene. Alameda County Fire Brigade later announced that the baby died at the scene.

Based on the evidence found at the scene, the researchers suspect that the baby is the victim of murder. The autopsy later revealed that the baby was alive at birth and was actually the victim of the murder. Without identification, investigators named the victim Baby John Doe.

In the days and weeks after the discovery of Baby John Doe, the researchers contacted local hospitals, made press releases, and made a follow-up investigation to identify the victim’s mother, but failed.

Evidence has been processed by the ACSO Crime Lab to help identify a suspect, but no suspect information has been developed at that time.

Various news organizations, including The Herald, the San Francisco Chronicle, and The Oakland Tribune, wrote articles about the case and urged everyone with information to come and contact the researchers. Incoming clues have been followed, but no possible clues to match the identity of the mother or murderer have been developed.

The incident cooled for 17 years until 2005, when DNA evidence was detected by the ACSO Crime Lab from the scene. A female DNA profile was identified and entered the national Combined DNA Index System, but a criminal did not have a hit. Investigators believed that the unidentified female DNA profile belonged to the mother of Baby John Doe, who was also suspicious in the case.

The DNA profile remained at CODIS until the summer of 2019, when cold case investigators reopened the case.

Lesa Lopez Arrest & Charge

The arrest brings some closure in the case, which started at 17:30. it’s May. Two young children were walking north on “old” Madison Avenue, just north of Seaview Avenue in Castro Valley.

Alameda County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Sgt. Ray Kelly said that Lesa Lopez, from Calida’s Salida, was held in Santa Rita prison with a single murder after DNA was brought to trial.

Death was not resolved until recent advances in DNA technology gave researchers hope to find suspects. Alameda County investigators received help from a private DNA lab from Oklahoma City and the FBI in 2019. Using their technology, the researchers found a possible match that allowed the use of law enforcement agencies.

Almost a year later, after extensive genealogy research, physical surveillance, and DNA analysis of secretly disposed garbage, researchers identified DNA evidence linking Lopez to DNA evidence at the crime scene.

Cold trial investigators received an order to arrest Lopez for murder on July 16. On July 23, investigators contacted his residence in Lopez and talked to him about the case.