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Lilla Messo
Lilla Messo

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Gabriel Messo was shot dead by police after he attacked his mother Lilla Messo in Melbourne’s north-west on Thursday. A witness has described seeing a neighbour “screaming erratically” while carrying out a frenzied attack on his mother in a park in Melbourne’s north-west on Thursday afternoon.

Lilla Messo Age

She is 54 years old.

Incident Details

The police drove the John Coutts Reserve in Gladstone Park at 15:30 after receiving multiple reports and a man “seriously attacked an old woman”. After the police said they refused to attack the woman, the officers shot and killed the man within 30 seconds of arriving at the scene.

The dead man was identified as 31-year-old Gabriel Messo, and the critically injured woman was his 54-year-old mother, Lilla Messo. The attack was spotted by Mr. Messo’s neighbor Sahan Panagoda during the march he saw while watching the incident.

“I heard a high-speed car behind me, a police car with the lights on … the passenger door was already open.” Said. The 26-year-old police said she saw a man fleeing to a nearby area where he was sitting on the ground.

“His right hand was just going up and down. As the cops were approaching, he was just screaming irregularly,” Mr. Panagoda said.
“The commands were being repeated to him, but I couldn’t understand what they were saying.” Mr. Panagoda saw that Mr. Messo fell to the ground after he was hit, but only later realized that the man was his neighbor.

“He was very upset about everything, but he was definitely a bit shocked,” he said. Mr. Panagoda’s family recently rented a room for Mr. Messo, located across the reserve next door to the house.

“We had no problems with him, he moved home three weeks ago. He was a quiet man, he hid himself,” said Panagoda. “We didn’t know much about him.”

Visting Her Son

Messo had just moved from the reserve to Gladstone Park home about three weeks ago.
Her housemate Sylvester said that she lived with the fear of Messo and that it was only a matter of time before killing someone. The terrified housemate described Ms. Messo as a gentle woman looking after her son.

It’s not really 100 percent mentally. But that poor mother always came here, was giving food, washing clothes – still all the clothes were outside and inside for her. ‘ ‘I knew there was a problem with her, but she got angry at the mother.’

Messo, 63, said he was always angry as soon as he knew him. “ Even though I asked him if he wanted a cup of coffee, he was always in an angry mood, ” he said.

Sylvester said that he loved his troubled son despite his mother’s brutal behavior. ‘He brought him food and always put it in the refrigerator … He did everything. I am very sorry for him, ‘he said. “ A very nice lady. ” In the days before the terrible attack, Messo was heard constantly arguing with people on the phone. It was also heard that he was arguing with his mother.

“Sometimes he also argued with my mom,” Sylvester said. “But when I’m there (not).” The roommate was last Thursday morning when she saw her before the hours of the ferocious attack on her mother. Messo had a shower and a cigarette and chatted to his roommate. Still, the roommate felt uneasy.

‘I always lock my doors when I am in my room because I know this man is not right,’ he said. “ I’m very scared of him. I am worrying about her. I’m afraid to live here … if this didn’t happen, I’ll die in the next three to four months. ‘

Sylvester said one day Messo entered the bedroom.

‘I lock my door because I don’t trust him,’ he said. While trying to see if the drugs were playing any role in the frantic attack, Sylvester said he wasn’t sure it was illegal.

She told his housemate Messo that he never saw a gun and was not sure where he got the knife he used in the knife. Sylvester was not surprised at the violent explosion, although he never believed that Messo could commit murder. I knew there was a problem with him,’ he said. “ I never believe he’s guilty of basing his own mother … then I realized that this was the man. He can do that. ‘ The police came to find that Ms. Messo was brutally attacked by what she described as a ‘crazy attack’ by her son using a knife.

Her son refused to comply with police orders to stop attacking the woman and opened fire within 30 seconds after the officers arrived.

Disturbing footage shows Messo pinning his mum to the ground and repeatedly stabbing her as officers arrive at the scene. Two officers surround the attacker and draw their guns before two gunshots are heard. The man gets to his feet, before another shot is fired and he falls backwards to the ground.

Sylvester said he believed police did the right thing in shooting his house mate. ‘Because he’s so violent … he was so arrogant and so angry … police what they did, it was the right thing,’ he said.  ‘I don’t think anybody (was) going to save that woman from him. (He) had to be put down.’

Sylvester said Messo had a ‘very short temper’.

‘If he was alive, he would feel very sorry for what’s happened … because he has very short anger,’ he said. Just days ago, Messo told Sylvester about how angry he was his two young nephews for no apparent reason. ‘He was really angry with me when he (told me) that story,’ he said. ‘I said: “son, take it easy. These kids are 13 years old”.’

Sometimes, Messo would get so angry he would go walking alone in the dark in the reserve where he would later stab his mum. Sometime, (he would get) so crazy, it’s midnight, 2am, 1am, he’s walking on that path,’ Sylvester said.  The shooting unfolded in front of a local resident on his afternoon walk in the park. Messo, aged in his 30s, died at the scene.

His mum was rushed to Royal Melbourne Hospital in a critical condition suffering from facial stab wounds so horrific she is yet been identified by police. Police spent two hours yesterday searching Messo’s home for answers. Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius said Messo was known to them but didn’t have a criminal record. ‘We’ve had recent contact with him, but there was nothing in that recent contact with him that indicated to us that the events of today might have occurred,’ he said.

Officers called to the scene were not physically injured but have been left ‘terribly shaken’ by the incident.

‘No member goes to work expecting to have to take the life of another person and that is a very difficult and, thankfully, a decision that does not happen too often,’ Assistant Commissioner Cornelius said.

‘But when a police officer does make that decision, of course it has a terrible impact on that member and also, of course, generates significant concern for the wider community.’

Assistant Commissioner Cornelius has backed the officers’ actions to open fire.

‘I understand that those members have acted appropriately. They’ve been decisive, they’ve taken action and they have acted in a way to keep the community safe and stop what was a frenzied attack from continuing,’ he said.

‘And my heart really goes out to those members. These were junior members, early in their career, and they found themselves having to make one of the worst-possible decisions that any member has to make in their career.’

Messo told his neighbours that he loved his mother.

‘He had a good relationship. He loved her. But sometimes his mentality, he would go very quick the other way,’ Mr Panagoda said. ‘Maybe some days he liked his mother, maybe on that day something went wrong.’

Homicide Squad detectives will investigate the incident, which will be overseen by the Professional Standards Command.

Witnesses are urged to come forward.

‘We understand there were numerous witnesses to this incident and we are very keen, of course, to identify and speak to any witnesses to what occurred this afternoon,’ Assistant Commissioner Cornelius said.

‘There is a tragic event and, as I say, we’re very keen to have that support from the community in relation to allowing us to thoroughly investigate what is a horrendous crime.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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