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Lillian Miles Lewis
Lillian Miles Lewis

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Lillian Miles Lewis, the wife, friend and political adviser of US Representative John Lewis, died on Monday at Emory University Hospital. He was 73 years old. Miles was born in Oskaloosa, Iowa in 1907. In addition to singing and performing in The Gay Divorcee (1934) ‘s famous’ Continental ‘music number starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Miles’ movie career was limited to short, featureless, and low-budget ‘B’ pictures. However, there is a cult nowadays because of its performance in the famous anti-dope exploitation movie Reefer Madness made in 1936. In Dave’s movie, he’s playing an increasingly crazy piano solo in the movie’s most remembered drama. “Play faster, faster,” Brien shouts.

He retired from the screen in 1939 after a short role by Edgar Kennedy (Baby Daze). He died in California in 1972.

Her close friend, Xernona Clayton, said that Lillian Lewis was sick for a long time, but encouraged her husband to continue her career.

“He would endure telling people he was sick,” said Clayton. “He didn’t want this to be the focus. He asked him to do his job. ”

A funeral will be held on Monday at 11:00 in Ebenezer Baptist Church on Monday. Willie A. Watkins Funeral Home, Historic West End Chapel, responsible for arrangements.
The White House said on Monday he called on Representative Lewis to express condolences of President Obama.

Lewis met his future husband when he was already a legend of civil rights and played an important role in his transition to a political career. Many people thought the couple were a perfect match.

Temi Silver, an event planner,
ngtime friend. “He was so sweet and kind; She needed him to look back. And it was he who did it. ”

Lillian Miles Lewis Father

Lillian Lewis, a father’s small contracting company, went to Los Angeles High School with late Johnny Cochran and then got a master’s degree in library science from the California State College in Los Angeles at the University of California and the University of Southern California. .

While teaching in a student program in Nigeria in 1960, he had a lifetime interest in Africa and then returned as a Peace Volunteer to teach for two years in Yaba, Nigeria. After starting as a librarian at the University of Atlanta, she met at her husband’s Clayton house, at the 1967 New Year’s party, a television personality and civil rights activist. Clayton and another movement veteran Dr. Bernard LaFayette was a matchmaker.

“I thought he needed a partner like Lillian, and Lillian needed someone who fell into such important areas. “He was a sober-headed, flat-headed intellectual.”

Her friend, Clayton, who has a wide intelligence and a compassionate mind, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
He and John Lewis, Bond and Lewis started a couple dating institution in the 1986 congress with Julian and Alice Bond, who would be bitter rivals when they were against each other.

Lillian Miles Lewis married John Lewis

Lewisler married in 1968.
In the early years of their victims and marriages, John Lewis had no driver’s license, recalled LaFayette: “So Lillian was literally her driver.” It looked unthinkable.

“I was taking care of him before I knew him,” Lewis said years later. “It was about the civil rights movement every day and every night in the news, so I felt like I knew him.”

In memory of “Walking with the Wind,” Lewis reminded Wyche Fowler of how he decided to run to Congress, a race he lost in 1977, and became his chief advisor.

Lillian Miles Lewis and Politics

“He was always very closely related to politics, much more than me.” At the age of 72 he was delegated to the Democratic National Convention (supporting Shirley Chisholm) and was constantly active in various local circles and

organizations. He was a relevant, intelligent and wonderful person who stood in front of an audience – he could have made a speech. He also knew how to organize, how to chair a meeting, nitrite bold things. Finally, ‘Let’s do it. Let’s go. ” We were in it, ”Lewis wrote.

Lillian Lewis continued to play an important role in her husband’s career, from attending the Atlanta City Council in 1981 to victory against Bond in the 1986 congressional race.

When the 1991 redistribution board hearing, which affected the region, extended until early in the morning, she was with her husband, and the legislators carefully watched the map as they made changes.

John Lewis Political Career and his wife Lillian Miles Lewis

While Lewis imitated his political career, his wife continued his career as an educator from an international perspective. Between 1984 and 1989, he was vice president of the Institute of International Relations and Development at the University of Atlanta, and called for help in a significant development in international studies.