Who is Lisa Alexander? Wiki, Bio, Age, Viral Video, Family, Career, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Who is Lisa Alexander? Wiki, Bio, Age, Viral Video, Family, Career

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The woman seen in the video and later described as Lisa Alexander apologized in her statement Sunday and said, “Partly the last 48 hours taught me that someone who was unaware of the harm caused by my actions being ignorant. I’m shocked and sorry to behave as I did when I watched the video. I disrespect Mr. Juanillo and I am very sorry about that. ”

Defining as a colorful person, James Juanillo posted a video on Twitter, showing only his encounter with the man and woman identified as Lisa and Robert.

San Francisco ‘Karen’ calls cops to a man who wrote Black Lives Matter in his property after he refused to believe the house was his own

Lisa Alexander Viral Video

In a viral video that has had over 12 million views on Twitter since its release on Thursday, one of the neighbors of the Pacific Heights resident faced stenciling the “Black Life Item” in chalk on their property. The neighbor James Juanillo filmed his speeches, questioning whether he really lived there and accusing him of falsifying the pavement.

Alexander eventually called the police in Juanillo, and later said the officers recognized her as a resident of the property and left without leaving the patrol cars.

But after watching the video, the CEO of skincare line LA FACE said she was “shocked and saddened” by her behavior.

“There are not enough words to describe how truly sorry I am for being disrespectful to him last Tuesday when I made the decision to question him about what he was doing in front of his home,” Alexander wrote in a statement shared by ABC7 on Sunday afternoon. “I should have minded my own business.”

Since the video was released, Alexander seems to have deleted his Twitter account, and the LA FACE website is no longer active. Birchbox, a former distributor of the skincare line, later announced that it has cut ties with its brand and will not work again in the future.

“The last 48 hours have taught me that my actions were those of someone who is not aware of the damage caused by being ignorant and naive to racial inequalities,” wrote Alexander. “I did not realize at the time that my actions were racist and have learned a painful lesson.”

Juanillo, who identifies as Filipino, said he has rented the house for nearly two decades.

“People should ask themselves if this Karen would have believed me if I said, ‘Yes Maam, I sure do live in this multi million dollar mansion, for almost 18 years now!'” he tweeted on Saturday. “If she was capable of believing that in the first place, she would never have bothered me.”