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Lloyd Nelson
Lloyd Nelson

Lloyd Nelson Wiki – Lloyd Nelson Biography

Lloyd Nelson Jr., 47, from San Diego, died in a clash with the police after searching for a vehicle in Pasadena on Friday (May 8th). bullets in vehicles’ windshields before officers return to fire and are fatally injured.

Lloyd Nelson Age

He was 47 years old.

Lloyd Nelson Career

Perez was a former member of the army and was an employee of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, said Perez. He continued to Rio Hondo College Police Academy and at some point in the past became the Sheriff’s Public Safety Officer. He lived in Pasadena before moving to San Diego.

Lloyd Nelson Death Incident Details

It was unclear where Nelson came from before the chain of events leading to his death in Pasadena. The police approached the suspect after watching an illegal turn and get out of the car in the middle of the street in front of Pasadena City College. Officers were seen walking back out of the passenger door as Mitsubishi Mirage returned to the driver’s seat and approached before taking off. Land units followed him for 11 minutes before leaving the suspect due to careless driving. A helicopter followed Nelson, ignoring the red lights as he continued traveling on a wide cycle for 20 minutes. When Mitsubishi crashed into his SUV, it turned out to be a firearm in his hand, and apparently showed no hesitation before starting the clash that left him dead.

Lloyd Nelson Death Footage

Authorities released footage of a fire that occurred on Tuesday (June 23rd), including an officer who resulted in the death of a man who fired the gun through the windshield in Pasadena Police. A clash that occurred after officers used a PIT maneuver on May 8 to immobilize the Mitsubishi Mirage of Lloyd Nelson Jr. on May 8 was recorded with clipboard and body-mounted cameras on May 8.

Footage shows the car collided head-on with a police vehicle. In moments, the suspect apparently targets firearms less than 20 feet in front of him and takes two turns before leaving the driver’s side door. It seems that Nelson pulled five more bullets as he advanced and approached the surrounding police at 15:35 at the intersection of Corson Street and Allen Boulevard, Pasadena Police Chief John Perez said. A total of four officers fired the suspect about 30 times.

Later, the police rescued a second gun from Nelson’s car, another from the center console and about 400 rounds of ammunition. Neither pistol was recorded to the suspect. Investigators were trying to find five more firearms registered with Nelson as of Tuesday.