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Lorraine Cox
Lorraine Cox

Lorraine Cox Wiki – Lorraine Cox Bio

Lorraine Cox was a 32-year-old Exeter native in Devon, England. At the 31st August 2020 Bank Holiday, Cox went out for drinks with friends at The Arcade and Exeter Quay. She was in a relationship with another woman at that time. Cox was returning home alone at around 1.30 pm after drinking with friends, probably very drunk. She was residing at Beacon Health with her father after returning from Scotland, where she was living with her girlfriend for a short time.

While eating kebab on a bench, she hit Mangori on a deserted street. Simon Laws QC, prosecutor at Exeter Crown Court, allegedly “went to him” and “took advantage of Mangori’s drunken state and had a sexual encounter with him in an alley on Sidwell Street.” DevonLive added that Cox agreed to the sexual encounter due to her overly drunk condition.

Later, Mangori took him to his home, killed him, cut his body into seven parts and threw him in different parts of his body, including garbage bags and trash cans in front of his kebab shop.

Lorraine Cox Age

Lorraine Cox was 32 years old.

Lorraine Cox Missing

Cox was later reported missing by her father when Mangori used the SIM card to pretend she was still alive. He even kept in touch with Cox’s friends and told them that he had moved to Plymouth. Pieces of Cox’s body were found after September 8. Apart from the trash cans next to the kebab shop, body parts were also found in the woodland near Newton St Cyres, a village outside of Exeter.

Cox’s funeral was held by his family at the East Devon Crematorium in Exeter in November 2020. After Cox was put to rest, his family thanked the well-wishers for their support.

Lorraine Cox Killed

In September 2020, Lorraine Cox was brutally murdered and her body was mutilated on her way home after drinking with her friends. His body was divided into seven parts and thrown into different places.

Azum Mangori, 23, from the Kurdish region of Iraq, was accused of murdering Cox after taking advantage of his drunken state to return to his flat above the kebab shop. The trial for Mangori’s trial began on March 2, 2021.

How did Mangori kill Cox and dispose of her body parts?

Azum Rasul Mohammed Mangori, who introduced himself to the police as Christopher Mayer after his capture, has been living above the Bodrum Kebab House since his arrival in Exeter in July 2020. For a living, he sometimes sold tobacco on the black market.

On the night of Destiny, Mangori was looking for male and female escorts but was not lucky. This is when he finds a lonely drunk Cox on the street when he approaches him. After having sex with her, she allegedly lured her into her apartment with the promise of drugs and alcohol. This was the last time Cox was seen alive outside.

After a while, Mangori killed him and kept his body in his room for several days. He then surfed the Internet to cut human body parts. He was also caught on CCTV while visiting shops to buy the tools needed to dismember the body. After Mangori was captured, he initially claimed not to be guilty. Later, he admitted that he had dismembered and disposed of his body, but did not admit to the murder.

The trial will continue for the conviction of the prime suspect, Mangori.