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Lucas Sloan Talley
Lucas Sloan Talley

Lucas Sloan Talley Wiki – Lucas Sloan Talley Biography

Lucas Sloan Talley is a 38-year-old former middle school teacher in Riverton, Utah, and is accused of putting a student in plastic trash to give the spirit to his classroom and communicate with him inappropriately. Police said he put a label on the trash that read “We hope your box is comfortable”.

According to local 12, the allegations come from a probable cause statement from the police. On Thanksgiving weekend, allegations of South Hills Middle School teacher Talley “having inappropriate conversations and relationships with more than one young student” surfaced.

Lucas Sloan Talley Arrested & Kidnapped Student

Accusations, including criminal abduction, deal with Talley’s interactions with a 14-year-old student. According to KJZZ-TV, Talley told police that “a girl [age] cannot consent, or even choose to be thrown into the trash and thrown into her class.”

According to Fox13, Talley talked to the young girl about her “marriage, anxiety, and depression” and gave her gifts. His mother asked him to stop communicating with the girl, but he continued to do so.

At one point, when the school closed due to the pandemic, Talley told the student to go into a large Sterility trash can and then put it in a wheeled cart and carried it to his classroom. After the student, put a label that says “We hope your box is comfortable”.

According to the TV station, he is accused of telling the teenager that he loves him and touching him inappropriately. KJZZ reported that the teacher “touched the inner part of her thigh and rubbing her leg” included the inappropriate touch that frightened and offended the girl.

A police statement alleged that Talley had “personal contact with multiple young girls via text message and email. Most of this contact was personal and not school related, according to Desert News.

Lucas Sloan Talley Career

Local 12 reported that Talley had been a secondary school teacher for 12 years. He is married with four children.

According to Deseret News, Talley gave his reason to the authorities, according to a police statement.

“Lucas told the detectives that he realized he needed the approval of these female students for his ego and he grew up with it. Lucas said that when the school closed due to the epidemic, he really struggled with not being able to make this verification, so he started talking to this female victim every day, Monday through Friday, ”says Deseret News. She claimed to have told the police that she “knew she had outgrown her teaching role, but her interactions with the female victim were a kind of therapy for her.”

Fox 13 reported that the teacher also told the authorities that he was experiencing anxiety and panic attacks. Talley resigned from her teaching post at the school after the allegations became known. KJZZ reported that the police believed they could be suicidal and asked other parents to stop communicating with their children in the past.