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Madison McDonald

Madison McDonald Wiki – Madison McDonald Bio

Referring to four police officers, Fox said 30-year-old Madison McDonald had calmed the authorities before strangling her children – 1-year-old daughter Lillian Mae McDonald and 6-year-old Archer Hammond.

A Texas mother was allegedly accused of murdering two young daughters of a Texas mother who allegedly confessed to the murders on Monday night.

Madison McDonald Age

She is 30 years old.

Madison McDonald Killing Young Daughters

McDonald lived alone with his two daughters in the flat on Cowboys Parkway. Officer Reeves said there were no witnesses and revealed that McDonald was the only adult living in the house. Dallas County court records show that McDonald filed for divorce in September 2020.

Reeves announced at the April 6 press conference that the officers had responded to McDonald’s house in the past. However, he refused to share any details about what these calls were about due to privacy protocols.

KDFW-TV reported that Child Protection Services have verified the agency’s “family background”. No other details have been disclosed.

It is unclear how many times the police came to McDonald’s house. However, Reeves added that the number of calls for domestic violence increased during the coronavirus outbreak. If someone is aware of a dangerous situation or suspected of violence, “be an advocate” and call law enforcement.

Madison McDonald Arrest & Charge

McDonald was enrolled in Irving City Prison and denied his bail request. Reeves said he would be transferred to Dallas County Prison as the case progresses. As of this writing, it was unclear whether McDonald had an attorney who could speak on his behalf.

Prisoner records show that he faced murder charges under a special name, resulting in death, as the victims were under the age of 10.

In Texas, the death penalty carries a possible death penalty if the accused is convicted. Prosecutors can also face life imprisonment without parole. However, if the defendant is found to be mentally disabled or legally incapable, the state does not allow the death penalty.

McDonald’s ex-husband told WFAA-TV that his heart was broken due to the loss of his daughter, Lillian Mae McDonald. He did not want to speak in front of the camera, but told the reporter that the whole family was shocked by the murder of “two sweet little girls”.

A family friend started a GoFundMe campaign to help cover funeral expenses. “If you are friends with Chris, you know that his daughters are the light of his life. Lilian was her youngest daughter and adored her father. You could see the light and love he felt for Lilian when Chris entered the room. Lillian was smiling, laughing and playing with her father at every interaction. “He goes on to announce that Lillian will turn 2 years old on May 15th.

McDonald Admitted She Smothered Her Daughters

McDonald arrived at the Irving Police Department at around 22:00 on April 5. Officer Reeves said in a press conference posted by WFAA TV on YouTube that no one works at the reception at night. However, there is a phone in the lobby that people can use to ask for help.

Reeves said McDonald used his lobby phone to call 911 and told the officer that he killed his two daughters. As all this unfolded, he described his demeanor as “very calm”.

Reeves announced that the officers immediately responded to McDonald’s home at Anthem Apartments located on Cowboys Parkway. After Irving forced the door to open with the help of the Fire Department, they found the two boys dead inside the apartment building.

McDonald claimed to drown the kids. However, police said the medical inspector’s office would determine the cause of death.

When asked about a motive for the murders, Reeves did not speculate. He told reporters that they are working to establish a cause, but he said, “There will be no definition or reason to justify the killing of two young children.”

But according to a possible cause statement received by local TV stations KXAS-TV and KTVT-TV, McDonald suggested to researchers that he felt he was “protecting” his children by ending their lives. He explained that he had soothed them and put them in their beds before drowning them.

McDonald claimed that their daughters were “abused”. He stressed that he would “do anything to protect them”, including the drastic step of “removing them”. Heavy reached out to the Irving Police Department for a copy of the statement.



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