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Madison Yamamoto

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Madison Ahearn Yamamoto is best known as the wife of Jordan Yamamoto, the American professional baseball pitcher for the New York Mets of Major League Baseball. He had previously played in MLB for Miami Marlins.

Madison Yamamoto & Jordan Yamamoto were married

Yamamoto engaged to Madison Ahearn in October 2019. Jordan posted the easiest YES on Instagram after their engagement. I love you, my fiance. ❤️ “. They got married in December 2020.

Jordan Yamamoto spoke to Mets fans on Twitter for harassing his wife, Madison, after his unpretentious trip on Sunday, March 23. The right-handed player allowed five runs in four hits in a series closure, 5-1 defeat, but apparently his wife bored the burden of the trip.

“I know Twitter isn’t a very nice place sometimes, and for some of you it might seem fun to troll people. But you’re not harassing my wife!” Yamamoto wrote on Monday morning. “He’s not playing the game or wearing a uniform!”


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Tweeting that he flew to Miami for the match, Madison Yamamoto touched on Sunday’s behavior.

“Wow, I hate Mets fans so fast in love so far,” she tweeted. “While my phones are bursting with ugly tweets … I just want to remind you that we are human. I’m a WIFE, I’m cheering on her husband. Runs don’t matter. Your passion for the game is great, but stay classy.”


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