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Malachi A. Love-Robinson
Malachi A. Love-Robinson

Malachi A. Love-Robinson Wiki – Malachi A. Love-Robinson Bio

Malachi A. Love-Robinson, a Florida resident who once pleaded guilty to practicing unlicensed medicine as a teenager, has been arrested for new fraud allegations.

According to officials, a 23-year-old boy who had just completed his prison sentence 15 months ago for practicing unlicensed medicine has once again acted against the law.
Love-Robinson was taken to Palm Beach County Prison on Thursday morning and released on bail 11 hours later. He is accused of grand theft and fraud.

Malachi A. Love-Robinson Age

Malachi A. Love-Robinson is 23 years old.

Malachi A. Love-Robinson Background & Early Life

According to the arrest report, Love-Robinson was a contract employee at a Delray Beach shipping company allegedly forwarding more than $ 9,000 of customer payments to her personal account in March.

The owner of the United States of Freight had screenshots of text messages allegedly coming from Love-Robinson saying “I don’t want to go back to jail” and “I’m doing everything I can to fix it.” report specified.

Love-Robinson was released from jail in September 2019 after being sentenced to nearly two years three and a half years for grand theft and practicing unlicensed naturopathy.

His game made national headlines when investigators uncovered a trace of a scam that included fake diplomas, a fake badge, and a real stethoscope.

He was first accused of posing as a doctor in January 2015. Later 17, according to the West Palm Beach police report, St. She wore a doctor’s white coat at Mary’s Medical Center and underwent at least one gynecological exam.

Love, St. For a short while, Dr. Sebastian Kent told ABC News that he thought the boy looked young but must have left medical school immediately.

To ABC News, “In the beginning, and definitely looking back, I thought,” This person looks very young. “And I just [thought]:” Son, now they’re leaving medical school quickly. ”

Ten months later, a fraudulently opened medical clinic in Boynton Beach was closed after the Florida Department of Health discovered it was not a licensed doctor. No arrest record was made.

According to police records, he continued to pose as a doctor and was arrested and charged in early 2016 after conducting a physical examination to an undercover officer in an office he opened in West Palm Beach.

That same year, Love-Robinson was accused of stealing more than $ 35,000 from an 86-year-old West Palm Beach woman during several home calls to her home under the guise of treating severe bowel pain, and was later convicted. He later stated that his bank account was emptied.

“I was in great pain and said he could help me,” said victim Anita Morrison, who said she found Love-Robinson through an online search for doctors using natural therapies. She looked very clever. … I did not suspect him. I thought it was legitimate. ”

Love-Robinson was arrested while standing loose in Virginia in September 2016 and awaiting trial in Palm Beach County. The 73-year-old was accused of trying to buy a $ 35,000 Jaguar using his godmother’s personal information without his permission. He was convicted in 2017 and spent a year in a Virginia prison, then returned for trial in South Florida.

Love-Robinson was sentenced to up to 90 years in prison, but made a deal with Palm Beach County prosecutors and was found guilty of practicing naturopathy in 2018 without license and major theft.

“Malachi did what he did because he felt he was doing the right thing,” said his grandfather, William McKenzie, after the young man’s arrest in Palm Beach County in 2016. He added that his grandson was an intelligent young man who did not stop trying to help people. “After it comes out of this, it will prove that many people are wrong,” McKenzie said.

Malachi A. Love-Robinson Arrested & Investigation

Investigators said, “Dr. For disguised as a doctor in 2016, ”he stole more than $ 10,000 from his employer, United States of Freight, a Delray Beach-based shipping company that connects carriers with shipping companies.

Delray Beach is a small town on the Florida coast located about 20 miles south of Palm Beach.

Company owner Daniel O’Sullivan warned the police about Love-Robinson’s possible mistakes.

Police said the suspect had created fake accounts and directed unsolicited customers through services such as Venmo and PayPal, or to a SunTrust Bank using his home address in Lake Park to skip the company’s books and transfer them directly to their account.