Man’s Neck During Arrest (Viral Video)

Man’s Neck During Arrest (Viral Video)

The citizen’s video of an Allentown police officer, whose knee stepped on a man’s neck during the arrest, led to a march on Saturday, when the police chief announced the investigation.

The video appeared on social media on Saturday night. Showing a man’s arrest on the sidewalk outside the 421 W. emergency room of St. Luke’s Sacred Heart Campus. The short video was shot by an unidentified person who lasted just before 7 pm and was shared by the Black Lives Matter to the Lehigh Valley.

The man lies on the sidewalk outside the emergency room outside the apron, and three female officers restrict him because a woman in medical gowns appears.
An officer first presses on the back of the man with his forearm and body weight. His arms slide towards the man’s neck and head. The officer then adjusts the knee by placing it on the man’s neck and head. The officer was not detected.

George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis on May 25 after a police officer knelt on his neck for about nine minutes. The death of Floyd, shot on multiple cell phone videos, has begun a nationwide protest around the country’s protests and police brutality and force use.

Former Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin was condemned by the police for kneeling on Floyd’s neck. He is charged with Floyd’s murder.

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