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Marcellis Stinnette
Marcellis Stinnette

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Marcellis Stinnette died of bullet wounds, according to a preliminary autopsy report published on Thursday. A black teenager was killed and a black woman was injured when the police, who were investigated by the authorities, opened fire.

A policeman opened fire on Tuesday shortly before midnight while “investigating an occupied vehicle” in Wauken, about 68 miles north of Chicago.

Marcellis Stinnette Age

He was 19 years old.


vehicle to investigate. Commander Navarro, when the officer approached, the car’s driver quickly drove away.

He said the vehicle was then spotted by a second officer getting out of his car and approach.

Commander Navarro said, “That officer got out of his vehicle and started driving back towards the vehicle officer he was investigating. Then the officer took out his duty gun and fired at the vehicle.” Both Stinnette and Mrs. Williams, a mother of two in her 20s, were shot by bullets.

Commander Navarro said there were no weapons in the car and did not explain why the co-pilot stopped the car.

He said that the police officer who shot was Spanish and had been in the army for five years. According to Commander Navarro, “he was afraid of his safety”. Police said that the first police officer to approach the car was white and that both officers went on leave during the authorities’ investigation. According to Waukegan police, the Illinois State Police Department will lead the investigation into the murder.

The Waukegan Police Department had access to all reports on the incident and handed over bodycam and dashcam images.

Commander Navarro did not set a timeline for when this footage could air.

Williams was visiting his mother, Cliftina Johnson, at the hospital on Wednesday. “When I got there, he said, ‘Mom, they shot us for nothing,’ he told reporters at the hospital.

“My daughter said, ‘Mom, I would die,’ if she raised her hand and didn’t raise her hand.”

Protesters took to the streets in Waukegan Thursday to demand justice for Stinette and Ms. Williams.

While walking through the small town of 86,000 people, the group shouted, “Say your name! Marcellis Stinnette! What’s his name? Tafara Williams”.

The city is mostly Hispanic or Latin and about a quarter black, according to the latest census data.

They were not bandits. “It wasn’t the problem kids,” Ricky Carly, a family spokesperson, told NBC Chicago. “They had no problems with anyone here.”

“We’re looking for peace and justice. That’s all we want,” said Marcellis’ great-aunt, Francellise Stinnette-Watts. We want to know what happened. We want to see the video camera. “