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Marcus Coutain
Marcus Coutain

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Marcus Coutain, who was filmed on the sidewalk in Islington, north London on Thursday evening, pleading with the officers to “get out of my neck”, said he was not guilty in the Highbury Corner magistrate, which is responsible for holding a public knife on Saturday.

Timur Rustem said the case of Marcus Coutain “mirrors almost identically what happened to George Floyd” in the US, and the Crown Prosecution Service should review the case, drop charges against Coutain and offer a formal apology.

Marcus Coutain Age

He is 58 years old.

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Scotland Yard has said officers were called to a fight in Isledon Road at around 6.30pm on Thursday and the court was told Coutain matched the description of a suspect.

Footage posted on social media on Thursday evening shows two officers holding a handcuffed black man on the pavement and one appears to be kneeling on the man’s neck and has his hand on his head.

A police officer was suspended after the video appeared, showing that a suspect was kneeling on his neck and head. The footage filmed in Islington, London on Thursday, shows two officers holding a handcuffed black man on the sidewalk.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Deputy Sir Steve House described the images as “extremely disturbing” and sent them to the police observer.

Marcus Coutain Charge & Investigation

Mr. Coutain was arrested on Thursday evening after news that was arrested for suspected fighting and assault weapons. Video footage of the arrest that was widely shared on social media showed a police officer who was white and appeared kneeling on his head and neck.
The police observer investigates the form of the arrest that caused a Metropolitan Police officer to be suspended and another to be placed in restricted duties.

Deputy Commissioner Sir Steve House described the images as “deeply disturbing” and said that some techniques “not taught in police training” create “great concern”.

Speaking outside the court, Rustem said the Royal Prosecutor’s Office should review the case, drop the charges and offer Coutain an “official apology”. He said his client was “very troubled and very confused and not quite sure why he was targeted this way”.

Speaking outside court, Mr Rustem said his client was “very distressed and very confused and not quite sure why he was targeted in this way”.

He told reporters: “Essentially Mr Coutain was stopped and searched for matters for which he has not been charged.

“It is the use of what I would regard as excessive force, a knee being placed on his neck … references which mirror exactly what happened to George Floyd in America.

“A man saying ‘I can’t breathe’ and ‘get your knee off my neck’, while he was already handcuffed and while he was restrained by two police officers.

“Mr Coutain will be contesting the charge against him. What I would hope to happen is that the Crown Prosecution Service properly review this case before then and drop the charges and offer a formal apology to Mr Coutain for the conduct of those Metropolitan officers.”

He said Coutain suffered “fortunately minimal” injuries to his wrists and neck, adding: “Fortunately it didn’t lead to the tragic consequences that we saw in America.”