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Maria Athens
Maria Athens

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Maria “Maureen” Athens is an Alaska-based news anchor who was arrested in connection with a sexual messaging scandal involving Anchorage mayor Ethan Berkowitz.

Berkowitz, 58, said he had an “inappropriate texting relationship” with Athens, 41, on October 12th. Berkowitz said the relationship took place “a few years” ago. and the last term as mayor of Anchorage in 2018. Berkowitz has been his wife, Dr. He is married to Mara Kimmel. The couple has two children together.

Athens wrote in a blog post in 2004 that she is “a Greek-American from San Francisco, California.” Athens has been in Alaska since October 2015, according to an online resume. He previously worked as a reporter in Athens, New York City and Athens, Greece.

Athens Majored in Diplomacy in College

According to Athens’ Twitter page, South Orange graduated from Seton Hall University in New Jersey. Page says she studied diplomacy, international relations and political science at school. Athens lists New York, New York, as its hometown on the Fox / ABC Anchorage’s home page.

While at university in Athens, he wrote on a blog that his plan after graduation was to move to Athens, Greece, to work for the US government in the country. Politically, Athens said its “core interests are in the Balkan region, the United Nations and the European Union”. In the same profile, Athens said her favorite pastime is traveling.

“I wanted to be a news anchor because I could speak,” Athens told Seton Hall Magazine in a 2017 interview. Athens told the magazine that thanks to her diplomacy degree she “knows what I’m talking about.”

Athens Allegedly Told Berkowitz in Voicemail

In a voicemail sent by Athens to Berkowitz and broadcast by the Alaska Black Mine, the news anchor “thinks” he loves Berkowitz.

The person who left the message accuses Berkowitz of being “pedophile” and calls the mayor “tramp for the Jewish life.” He says he will win an Emmy for his work on “exposing” Berkowitz. He also threatens to “kill” Berkowitz and his wife Mara Kimmel. She told Seton Hall Magazine in 2017 that her father Lonnie was a professor at the school. A 1999 feature film about Lonnie Athens’ work in The New York Times referred to him as a “free-lance criminologist”. The report stated that Lonnie Athens is known for her research practices, which included traveling around the country to interview violent criminals in prisons.

Lonnie Athens told The Times that her father was inspired by her violent nature to study criminology. The article states that Maureen’s daughter, Lonnie Athens, was at the university at the time. Lonnie Athens developed his own theory on the development of violent criminals called “The Violence Process”. Lonnie Athens’s work was the subject of the documentary Why They Kill 2018. In October 2018, the documentary aired on the Alaska branch of the Fox network.

Athens says in its October 9 YouTube video, Berkowitz confirmed that she posted nude photos on the “underage girls website”. Athens says in the video that she expects the story to become national news.

Athens also posted a photo that it claims was posted on its website by Berkowitz. The Associated Press reported that Athens’ boss at the ABC / Fox affiliate in Anchorage rejected the story. The AP report stated that the station manager was Athens’ boyfriend. The Anchorage Daily News named the station manager and boyfriend Scott Centers.

He was arrested at the station’s headquarters in Anchorage on charges of intrusion the day Athens made the allegations. Anchorage officials decided that Berkowitz had not committed any crime related to the photos.