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Mark Anthony Aguirre
Mark Anthony Aguirre

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Prosecutors said Mark Anthony Aguirre, 63, was paid more than a quarter million dollars by a Houston-based private citizen group investigating allegations of 2020 election fraud.

Harris County district attorney said in a statement that a former Houston police captain was accused of driving a man astray and pointing a gun at his head two weeks before the election.


The incident is one of the most serious consequences of systemic voter fraud conspiracy theories that have been debunked time and time again. President Donald Trump continued to claim widespread voter fraud during the election, but election officials denied the claim and his team of lawyers presented no evidence to support this in court.

“It crossed the line from dirty politics to committing a violent crime, and we are lucky,” Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said in a statement. “His alleged investigation has been retrospective from the start – first he claims a crime was committed, then he tries to prove it.”

Aguirre lawyer Terry Yates told CNN member KTRK that he believed the arrest was “political persecution”.

“Working and investigating voter fraud, an accident happened,” Yates said. “A member of the car got off and ran towards him, and this is where the conflict took place. It’s very different from what you mentioned in the sworn statement.”

Prosecutors say that Aguirre was paid more than $ 260,000 by a special group called the “Center for Freedom for God and Country” to investigate ballots in the Houston area. The day after the incident he received about $ 211,400.

The center’s head, Jared Woodfill, told CNN that the group and Republican activist Steve Hotze hired a private company that included “a former FBI investigator Aguirre and about 20 investigators investigating voter fraud reports” in reports sent to Hotze.

The Republican activist was also one of the plaintiffs who petitioned to invalidate the 127,000 ballot papers used in the car early vote before election day. A federal judge denied this request.

Mark Anthony Aguirre Arrest & Charge

According to a Houston police statement received by CNN, Aguirre asked a lieutenant from the Texas Attorney General’s Office for a traffic stop on October 16 to assist his investigation. When the idea was denied, Aguirre said he would do it himself and “arrest a citizen”.

Three days later, Aguirre was allegedly driving his SUV in the back of a man’s truck, and when the man came out, Aguirre pointed a gun at him, laid him on the ground, and put his knee on the man’s back – he caught a glimpse. According to prosecutors, when the cops arrive, the police body camera.

Aguirre told the authorities he had been monitoring the man for four days, according to the district attorney’s news release. Aguirre said he suspected 750,000 fraudulent voting inside the truck, and that the man was “the mastermind of a giant (voter) fraud”.

Prosecutors said the man was actually an “innocent and ordinary” air conditioner repairman. Prosecutors said the responding authorities did not find any ballot papers in the vehicle, only air conditioning parts and vehicles.

An indictment document taken from the Harris County district clerk’s office determined that the alleged victim was David Lopez-Zuniga.

CNN member KPRC spoke to Lopez-Zuniga, who said he was trying to help Aguirre after he was pulled from the side of the road after the initial crash.

“Help me, help me,” Lopez-Zuniga said in an interview. “Then when I tried to help him, he pulled out a gun.”

The KPRC reported that it thought Lopez-Zuniga was about to be killed.

“It’s very, very close, because when I saw him unlock the safety I thought ‘He’ll shoot me,” said Lopez-Zuniga.

Following an investigation, Houston police said they found the allegations of election fraud “unfounded” and referred the case to the district attorney’s office.

Prosecutors said that Aguirre was arrested on Tuesday and charged with a deadly weapon-aggravated assault, with a second-serious crime punishable by up to 20 years in prison. According to Harris County court records, he deposited $ 30,000 in bonds Tuesday afternoon and got out of jail.

“If they can give him jail time, give him the prison,” Lopez-Zuniga told the KPRC.

According to the Houston police statement, Aguirre told the police at the scene that he was “investigating a voter fraud ballot-collecting plot”, which he claimed was operating outside of the victim’s home, identified as DL in the statement. Aguirre said that the DL owned approximately 750,000 fake postal ballot papers and accused him of “using Spanish children to sign ballot papers” because the fingerprints are not found in any database.

CNN reached out to Lopez-Zuniga but could not speak to him.

According to DL’s statement to the police, the other two cars were towed while the place was being held by Aguirre, and Aguirre told one of these drivers to search DL’s truck. DL’s truck was taken away from the scene after I told Aguirre that the truck was clean. In his sworn statement, the police found the truck abandoned a few blocks away shortly after.

Aguirre told the police at the scene that DL had been monitoring his home for four days. Police searched DL’s home with his permission, states the statement and found no evidence of voter fraud or ballot collection.

Aguirre also told officers on the scene that they could be “a hero or part of the problem”.

“I hope you become a patriot,” Aguirre told the police, according to the statement.

Court records show that Aguirre’s preliminary hearing will take place Thursday morning in Harris County.