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Mark Matthew Bender Jr
Mark Matthew Bender Jr

Mark Matthew Bender Jr Wiki – Mark Matthew Bender Jr Biography

A gunman was shot and killed by a San Bernardino police officer during the violent clash that was filmed Thursday night. Cell phone video showed the police officer and the suspect wrestling on the ground before getting up, pulling out his gun, and firing at the suspect several times.
The victim was Mark Matthew Bender Jr., 35, of San Bernardino. was determined to be.

Mark Matthew Bender Jr Age

He was 35 years old.

Mark Matthew Bender Jr
Mark Matthew Bender Jr

Incident Video

Incident Detail

The fire occurred at 200 blocks of West Base Line Street outside King Tut Liquor.
The event started at 23:16. San Bernardino police Sergeant, when a police officer is transferred to the liquor store on the tip of a man who jumped into cars in the parking lot. John Echevarria told reporters on Friday morning.

The incoming officer ordered the surrender, which the suspect ignored. Echevarria said the officer acted to contain him when he tried to break into the liquor store where the suspicious customers were inside.

“The suspect was large in size and was able to physically defeat the officer,” Echevarria said. The suspect took a gun from his pocket and turned to the police officer. At that time, an armed clash took place involving the police. ”

The officer fired four shots, and Bender was shot by several of them. Police said he was taken to hospital where he died.
A loaded 9mm gun was captured at the scene. Police said the gun was not registered.
Echevarria noted that the officer saw the gun during the fight.

“The officer saw the gun and during the fight, during this fight for control of the suspect, he was freed and was able to withdraw and protect himself by throwing his gun,” Echevarria said.

Echevarria said Bender, who was arrested on allegations of attempted murder, false imprisonment, domestic violence, theft, and drug possession, had a criminal history dating back 17 years.

Immediately after the clash, several people went out and protested.

The San Bernardino County Attorney’s Office is involved in the investigation.