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Mark Sahady
Mark Sahady

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Mark Sahady is one of the organizers behind the Straight Pride Parade scheduled for this summer in Boston. Federal officials said the organizer of “Straight Pride Parade” in Boston and a Natick Town Meeting member – both President Trump supporters – were the last to be arrested for their role in the US Capital uprising earlier this month.

Mark Sahady, 46, from Malden and Suzanne Ianni, 59, from Natick, were arrested at home early Tuesday, according to the FBI.

Mark Sahady Age

He is 46 years old.

Mark Sahady Arrest & Charge

News about the plan began to spread on June 4, after an editor of The New York Times tweeted a screenshot of a situation on Sahady’s Facebook page. Sahady is the vice president of the group organizing “Super Happy Fun America”.

Super Happy Fun America has a tagline that says “It’s great to be straight”. On the About page, the head of the organization, John Hugo, said, “Straight people are an oppressed majority. Everywhere we will fight for the right to be proud of ourselves without fear of judgment and hatred. The day will come when the flats will finally be included equally in all other orientations. ”

The group claims to be an advocate of the “heterosexual community” and carries the slogan “It’s Great to be Straight”, according to its website.

According to FBI documents, the two were pictured standing inside and outside the U.S. Capitol building when a violent gang attacked the building in photos posted on social media.

According to FBI records, in a post posted on the group’s Facebook page on Jan.5, Ianni and Sahady are depicted on one of these buses with about half a dozen other people flashing their thumbs up. In the photo, “Bus number 1/11 is coming to Washington DC. See you there!”

Documents reported that Ianni boasted to a local newspaper that he was the “chief organizer” of the buses.

Ianni was listed as a contact person in his January 4 Facebook post on his “New England for Trump” account, which advertised the Super Happy Fun America trip to Washington DC ahead of the Joint Congress Session on January 6. ”

Sahady’s Twitter account was full of “multiple statements” claiming the 2020 election was stolen from Trump and urging supporters to respond to “text messaging” on Jan. 6.

Malden and Natick police departments assisted the FBI in arresting individuals.

Mark Sahady Background & Career

According to Facebook, Sahady is an army veterinarian currently working as a software engineer. “Army veteran, Software Engineer, violating FB community standards,” writes in his Facebook bio.

Sahady frequently shares statuses, photos and memes in line with conservative and far-right ideologies. He even posted a photo from Google Maps that looked like a screenshot,

The Southern Center for Poverty Law says that the gesture “symbolizes their belief in the controversial claim that only three percent of American colonists fought the British in the American Revolution. The three outstretched fingers represent this three percent. ”

However, BuzzFeed has since confirmed that the parade clearance with the city of Boston was actually not approved.

Still, many have announced the plans on Twitter in various ways since then. Laura Lux wrote: “I can’t wait to see the photos of the men who will actually participate in the flat pride walk if it really happens lmfaooooo”

Tommy Vietor tweeted, “Unfortunately the Straight Pride march was canceled after a dispute over who wanted to hit Tom Brady the most.”

Ginger Minj tweeted, “ATTN: Heterosexual People. Don’t worry that it’s not your pride… be thankful you don’t need it! ”