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Mark Wilson Jr
Mark Wilson Jr

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State Attorney RJ Larizza said that a man who allegedly killed two children, aged 12 and 14, could face the death penalty because the state of Florida was planning to claim one for him. Mark Wilson Jr is accused of murdering his girlfriend’s nephews Robert Baker (12) and Tayten Baker (14). The announcement on the death penalty came on Tuesday (October 20th) by the Putnam County grand jury on charges of two first-degree murders, one battery theft, and one theft while armed.

Mark Wilson Jr Suspect & Incident

Larizza said the 30-year-old suspect’s decision to seek the death penalty was made after having an argument with the family of the deceased children. “The aggravating factors are that the accused has previously been convicted of another death penalty or a serious crime involving violence or threat to the person. We believe the attacker is valid, as these were double murders committed almost simultaneously. In addition, the death penalty was committed while the accused was engaged in the burglary commission – a forced crime. We also believe capital crimes or murders are particularly heinous, heinous and brutal. In addition, we believe that they are processed in a cold, affordable and planned manner. I can tell you that this is not a difficult decision. ”

Putnam County Sheriff Gator DeLoach said it was not his or anyone else’s job to decide on the defendant’s sentence, while hoping that the hard work of lawmakers, investigators, victim lawyers, and the State Attorney would help ensure justice for the adolescent men and their families. “While it’s up to a jury to listen to the case and decide the facts – this is not the place to be judged in the eyes of the public – but I’m just saying this is really one of the scariest crime scenes I’ve ever seen in my life. Our thoughts and condolences remain in the family,” DeLoach added.

Wilson Jr was arrested at the end of August after committing the alleged murders. At the time of the incident, Baker moved from Polk County to Putnam County to stay with his family, and he lived in an annex for his family. He allegedly used a hammer and knife to kill children who died from blunt trauma and deep injuries. After retrieving the victims’ bodies, the Sheriff’s Office organizes a meeting between investigators Wilson Jr. and an unidentified witness.

During the meeting, it was reported that the defendants confessed to the double murder. Also, the parents of the children who reported to the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) said they did this because he and his family were stressed. However, it was not immediately clear why the victims’ family would report the defendants and their families to DCF. During the interrogation, Wilson Jr also squeezed his girlfriend, who is a child aunt, into his alleged evil scheme. The Sheriff’s Office claimed that he and his wife were considering killing the entire family, including a four-year-old child.

The court order revealed that Wilson Jr. had told a witness that his real plan was to kill the children’s mother and the four-year-old while his girlfriend killed Robert and Tayten. He angered him by expressing that his girlfriend did not contact him after the murders. However, the children’s grandmother denied such allegations against her daughter. As long as her boyfriend is detained without any ties, the aunt has no charges.

Locals were also happy with the described announcement, as Brittany Snyder put it: “I feel like justice has been served. I feel these two children were taken from our society and society very early. “Resident Jennifer Graham said,” They need the death penalty. These guys. “