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Martha Chansley
Martha Chansley

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On January 6, Martha Chansley, the mother of the man named QAnon Shaman from US Capitol rights, defended her son’s actions in an interview on national television. According to Chansley, his son Jacob Chansley, also known as Jake Angeli, did nothing ‘wrong’ by attacking the US Capitol with a massive crowd, while meeting to confirm the victory of House President Joe Biden in the November 2020 US presidential election.

Speaking to Laurie Segall of the CBS show 60 Minutes, Martha announced her personal opinion on her son’s actions. The interview will be aired on Sunday, March 7, and the mother sees her 33-year-old son on the defensive when asked if he was wrong with attacking the Capitol with a violent crowd.

Martha Chansley ‘QAnon Shaman’ Jake Angeli’s mom claims

In a long two-and-a-half-minute preview of the original interview Segall shared on his Twitter account, Martha can be seen smiling from beginning to end, defending her son. Segall underlined the video for “Passed through open doors”. – Martha Chansley defends what her son – aka the Shaman of QAnon – did during the siege of the Capitol. This exchange was one of the most narrated from the work. I was going to watch. full clip .. ”

In the video, Segall told Martha, “Do you see anything wrong with what your son is doing?” When she asks Martha, “What do you mean by ‘wrong?’ quickly defends his son’s actions and says, “He didn’t – he went through the open doors! He was escorted to the Senate! So I don’t know what was wrong with that!”

“It was an attack on the US Capitol, and your son was a part of it, whether you said he was violent or not, your son was a part of it,” said Segall. Then “Do you see the seriousness of this?” He asks. Martha immediately replies: “Of course, I feel the seriousness of this because my son is where he is now, that is,” referring to Jacob’s current detention after the arrest and the riots. But he insists, “If he could get it back, he would. I know he apologized. But again, everything came back – he walked through the open doors.”

Martha questions the use of the word “peacefully” when Segall asks “whether the gates appear to be peacefully open to the public.” “The doors were open. They were letting people in.” Segall notes that the security in the Capitol Building was “compromised by a group of people, mostly armed.” But Martha insists that “Jacob is not a part of it.”

Segall smiles, noting the glaring bias in his tone, and I heard him say, “My son was there, but he wasn’t part of the bad part.” And Martha incredulously acknowledges this, saying, “I think it’s really important to understand this.” Segall once again said, “Wasn’t it that bad? Any attack on the Capitol Building, our democratic process being interrupted – wasn’t it all that bad?”


This is where Martha disagrees, “I don’t think it’s the process of being able to exercise your right to freedom of expression and standing up for what you believe is right,” she insists. “It is not your right to interrupt the democratic process. It is not your right to violate the Parliament, to go to places where you are not legally allowed to enter,” Segall said. And finally, Martha said, “I can say to that, I don’t think it’s right to win presidential elections fraudulently. I don’t believe you won fairly at all.”

Since then, over six thousand comments, retweets, and nearly nine thousand likes on the platform have seen rage from users. “As a former classroom teacher and principal, I know this mother. I’m afraid of this mother and her child. The child will do whatever he wants, and if he is called, he will immediately be a screaming mother in my office.” a user wrote.

Some were also concerned that CBS and Segall would allow these emotions to reach the impressionable public. “Laurie, sorry for going through this. But embarrass you and embarrass CBS for letting these dangerous features tell the story on their side. It’s so irresponsible. And you wonder why people are angry with” journalists “,” he wrote. user.

Others pointed to the bias in the mother’s defense, citing photographs of the riots where Jacob was clearly ‘armed’. “Let’s be clear. Her son was armed. He was carrying a flag with a spear on a pole. During the Women’s March in DC, we were not allowed to carry signs with sticks and we could not bring an umbrella. These people brought spears, bear spray, flagpoles, bombs, and weapons.” a user shared.

“He can’t even say the word prison because what he’s doing is illegal and has consequences,” said another. Also, a user commenting on ‘I’m sorry’ how ‘the shaman feels for his actions’ wrote: “And here it is at last. He is supposedly sad and if he could he would take it back, but only because he failed. if it turned out, they would see themselves as the heroes of democracy. ”

Someone else sharply criticized the mother for defending her son even then: “I mean, someone had already stabbed the man and he would die anyway. My dear voyeur Popus just stabbed a dying man. He didn’t kill him!” put him in jail. “