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Marvin James Farr
Marvin James Farr

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81-year-old Dr. Marvin James Farr died in isolation in a nursing home in Scott City, Kansas, on Tuesday, prompting a furious obituary penned by his middle-aged son, Courtney.

The son of a Kansas man who died of COVID-19 blew up Americans who refused to wear a mask in his father’s obituary.

Fast Facts You Need To Know

  • Dr. Marvin James Farr, 81, died from COVID-19 on Monday 
  • The elderly farmer and veterinarian was unable to be with his loved ones as he passed away from the contagious virus
  • Farr’s son, Courtney, subsequently penned an obituary blasting Americans who refuse to wear masks amid the ongoing pandemic 
  • On Friday, 2,595 Americans died from the coronavirus, taking the total number of deaths to 279,000; 14.3 million US citizens have tested positive to the virus

More About Marvin James Farr

Marvin has been killed by more than 260,000 Americans infected with COVID-19. He died in a room that did not belong to him, viewed by people dressed confusing and frightening … His last days were harder, scarier, and lonely than necessary. Courtney was not surrounded by her friends and family.

Born in an America that survived the Great Depression and is about to face World War II, a time of loss and sacrifice that is hard for most of us to imagine. Americans would be asked to distribute essential supplies and send their children around the world to fight and die in incredible wars of destruction.

Courtney died in a world where many of her American friends refused to wear a piece of cloth over their faces to protect each other, he continued.

The obituary posted on the Price & Sons Funeral Homes website, Dr. He stated that Farr was a farmer and veterinarian who “filled his life with an understanding of science”.

“ The science that guided his professional life was despised and abandoned by many people who rely on their knowledge to take care of their animals and raise their food, ” Courtney wrote.

The obituary has been widely shared on social media since it was posted earlier this week.

On Thursday, Courtney took to Facebook stating that she was shocked when she saw how many people were affected by her words.

“It resonated with many people and it warms my heart,” he wrote.

Often we feel very lonely when we experience loss, pain or trauma. And there is an incredible power to learn that it is not, and someone else knows. ‘

Marvin James Farr Death

He also responded to allegations that his father made the obituary political.

Well, his death was political, he died in isolation from an infectious disease that caused the national crisis. It’s also a political decision to pretend or surprise otherwise, ‘Courtney said.

Health officials reported 391 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and five deaths in rural Scott County, Kansas, with a population of less than 5,000.

Statewide, the Kansas Department of Health and the Environment reported 168,295 COVID-19 cases, an increase of 6,234 and 1,786 deaths, an increase of 107 since Wednesday.

Total hospital admissions from the virus reached new heights in the US, with 101,276 people receiving professional medical care as of Friday.

Total hospitalizations from the virus across the US reached new heights on Friday, with 101,276 people receiving professional medical care.

In the US, 2,595 deaths were reported on Friday, increasing the 7-day average to 1,917 a day. The country marked the end of the deadliest week of the epidemic since mid-April, with a total of more than 279,000 deaths by Saturday.

More than 14.3 million COVID-19 cases have been confirmed since the beginning of the pandemic.