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Matthew Dolloff
Matthew Dolloff

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Private security guard Matthew Dolloff was arrested after Lee Keltner was shot and killed following a clash between far-right and far-left activists during a protest rally at Civic Center Park in downtown Denver on Saturday, October 10th. Now, Dolloff’s ex-girlfriend also reacted to her arrest and shared her shock at the news that she was involved in the fatal attack.

Matthew Dolloff Age

He is 30 years old.

Matthew Dolloff Ex GirlFriend Lee Keltner

Dolloff’s ex-girlfriend only spoke to DailyMail on Tuesday, October 13, where she shared a few details about their time together. Wanting to remain anonymous, the ex-girlfriend dated Dolloff from 2010 to 2013 right after high school. During this time, both had been heavily involved with Occupy Denver, the local branch of Occupy Wall Street, and spent about two people. He said there were years of protesting against economic inequality.

After the two broke up, they weren’t in contact, and this weekend, 30-year-old Dolloff didn’t think of him when he made headlines across the country after he killed Keltner in front of the Civic Center in Denver, where the pro-police Patriot was located. Gathering supporters faced protesters against Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

”Matt isn’t Antifa or associated with BLM,” she stated to DailyMail. ”He shares a lot of of the same views and yes, was heavily involved with Occupy Denver/Wall Street but hasn’t, from my knowledge been involved in any activism for the last five-plus years,” she added.

”I can’t really speak on who he is today, but if he’s anything like the Matt I remember, he really is a good guy who would go out of his way to help someone in need. He would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. I can’t defend his actions on Saturday, but he’s not a bad guy,” she said. She also denied rumors that a tattoo on Dolloff’s wrist was related to Antifa. She said it was her cousin who gave Dolloff the tattoo when they were dating, and that the black symbol was a logo for a music company he worked for called ‘sub.mission’.

Dolloff’s ex-girlfriend said the couple was involved in Occupy Denver during the movement’s early days in 2011 and continues to turn to events for the next two years. “We were almost always there,” he said. According to posts on his Facebook page, Dolloff continued to be actively involved in politics years later.

On October 10, a clash broke out between far-right and far-left activists at Civic Center Park in downtown Denver. But the protest went awry soon after Dolloff shot Keltner. A dramatic video of the incident also went viral on the internet where the man was shot. At the same time, he was captured by a Denver Post photographer in a series of 71 pictures, showing that Keltner slapped Dolloff and staggered the protester back, applying a stream of mace to his face before the guard lifted his gun and fired. Dolloff was hired by the Pinkerton Agency, later found to be hired by the agency without a security license.

Dolloff’s ex-girlfriend refused to speculate about the details of the shoot but said: “ She was never known to have used violence. It’s strange to see that the whole country has an opinion about him when I really know him and who he is as a person. ”

Public records reviewed by DailyMail show that Dolloff has been involved in the small livestock and honey-making business called Lavender Moon Farm since 2014. Dolloff lives full time on the farm in Elizabeth Colorado, according to neighbors who spoke to FOX31. In the photos on Dolloff’s Facebook page and the Lavender Bear page, Dolloff is seen turning to various animals next to a woman he confirms to be the wife of his ex-girlfriend.