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Max Torgovnick
Max Torgovnick

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Max Torgovnick, 36-year-old son of a neurologist from the Upper East Side, was behind the wheel when the crowd of teenagers began to jump into the car and stop at the windshield while his elderly mother cried next to him.

A 15-year-old boy was arrested while the driver and his frightened 74-year-old mother sat inside, fearing he would die, while a gang of 25 teens launched a brazen attack on a luxury SUV.

The scary video shows a bike gang smashing Max Torgovnick’s BMW on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue during daylight Tuesday.

Coming from the Upper East Side, Torgovnick was behind the wheel when the crowd began to jump into the vehicle and stand on its windshield while his elderly mother cried next to him and shouted ‘They’ll kill us’.

Max Torgovnick Age

He is 36 years old.

Max Torgovnick Incident

Torgovnick, 36, was driving a BMW with his mother when they encountered a large group of teenagers cycling on Fifth Avenue near 21st Street.

The 15-year-old boy, who could not be identified because he was young, is accused of being a child for the assault.

According to the New York Post, a second teenager has been identified and is now wanted by the police.

Locals were shocked when the attack happened accidentally on a broad daylight street in a busy Manhattan street. They say this is proof that the Big Apple officials have failed to protect themselves in an environment of rising violent crime rates.

Torgovnick, the son of a neurologist, told CBS New York that he feared he and his mother might be killed.

“When you broke the window, my biggest fear at that point was that they would get in the car, pull me out and kill me,” Torgovnick said to the network.


All I could hear was my mother crying and screaming. That’s what irritates me the most, ” he added, before remembering how his car was surrounded after one of the bikers hit the back of the car.

My mother is crying before I know it. He yelled at the 911 operator on the phone, adding, “Help! Send help! We will die. They will kill us.”

The couple had just left their holiday donation to a local charity when their vehicle was brutally installed.

Incident Video

According to the testimony of eyewitnesses, young people started to block traffic and attack the luxury vehicle.

The shocking video shows several teenagers punching BMW’s windows and crushing its hood.

A teenager seems to jump on the SUV and smash its windshield.

The guards say there are dozens of teens on the scene, and many of them cheering when the windshield is kicked.

While pedestrians screamed at them to get home, their cowardly youth crowd fled on their bicycles.

Another witness said that the assailants spat on the car and broke an arm while trying to open the door and enter.

BMW was adorned with medical license plates, but that did nothing to deter the faceless gang of teenagers.

Torgovnick had to call 911 with the police from nowhere. When the cops arrived at the scene, the young people quickly walked away. A witness said that Torgovnick’s mother was “shivering and in tears”.

‘We were trapped, there was too much violence, I thought I was going to die,’ she said.

Torgovnick says he lived in New York all his life and would never have imagined such a scenario occurring on the streets of his hometown before.

This is something as you can see in the streets of a war zone. I never thought New York would get this bad, ”The New York Post said.

I was afraid that they would break the window, get into the car, come in and pull us out, ” said Torgovnick.

“My only thought at that time was self-defense, I wanted to protect my mother and also I didn’t want to hurt anyone.”

New York officials come as they fight crime surge.

Four weeks of crime statistics from 30 November to 27 December show that violent crimes were much higher than at the same time last year.

Between 28 days and 27 December 2020, 21 murders were committed – a 61.5 percent increase compared to the same dates in 2019.

There was also a 4.2 percent increase in rape and a staggering 122.4 percent increase in shooting.

Violent crime began to skyrocket after a $ 1 billion cut to the NYPD’s budget, which was confirmed after passionate protests last summer to defame police.

Instead of taking responsibility for the increase in crime, the authorities changed the crime.

NYPD Police Commissioner Dermot Shea told NY1 earlier this month that the changes in bail laws as well as progressive policies promoting criminal justice reform are making the city more dangerous.

“Until this awareness as a society – is this what we want?”

It’s good to have philosophical debates about “end mass incarceration” and “end imprisonment”, but you don’t want to do that by turning innocent people into prisons in their apartments and homes. ”

Shea’s boss, Mayor Bill de Blasio, turned down the commissioner’s comments.

The mayor told reporters at the Town Hall meeting on December 8 that the rise in violent crime this year could be pinned on the ‘absolute perfect storm’ that hit New York this year.

“You cannot unite a major health crisis, tens of thousands of people die, hospitals drown, the economy closes, schools close, places of worship close, society does not suddenly engage in normal bindings, a social justice crisis …” said the mayor.

Come on, this is unlike anything we see in our history, and I believe it is unlike anything we’ll see in our lives again. ‘

De Blasio acknowledged “an increase in violence”, but added that “it is openly addressed as we are reviewing the situation together again.”