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Megan Wagstaff
Megan Wagstaff

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Megan Wagstaff, caused the death of 21-year-old Harry Jenks, who drove Seat Ibiza to a tree after a night on March 25 last year.

A pregnant woman who kills her boyfriend in a horror accident after she boasts that she can ‘beat the nav’, will give birth behind bars after being imprisoned for two and a half years.

Megan Wagstaff Age

She is 21 years old.

Megan Wagstaff Killed Boyfriend

A court heard before the collision said Wagstaff’s Waze app journeys would take 25 minutes – and he boasted: ‘Well, we’ll do it on him.’

However, the hairdresser double lost control in the bend and the vehicle hit a tree and killed his two-week-old boyfriend behind the car. Ambulance crews appeared on the stage in Atherstone, Warwickshire, but could not save Mr. Jenks, a business management student at Aston University. Wagstaff from Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, has denied death because of dangerous driving after claiming he had only made 30 miles / hour before. He later changed his appeal to criminal and was jailed and banned at Warwick Crown Court on Friday for six years and three months.

The court heard that Wagstaff was pregnant and was expecting her first child with her first boyfriend in September. Recommendation, Anthony Potter told him: ‘The sad truth is that there is nothing I can do with a sentence that can reflect the loss of Harry Jenks. families.

‘All kinds of motor vehicles create deadly weapons if not used carefully. You have been very confident in a road that you know well, and you have ignored the warning given to you.

‘On being told how long the satnav system said it would take for that journey, you made a boast that you would be able to do it in less than half the time.

‘I am quite satisfied you took that as something of a challenge, and it led you to drive far too quickly for the road conditions where the road surface was damp.

‘It is regrettable that when you were interviewed you did not tell the truth.

‘I’m not satisfied you were exceeding the speed limit, but you were doing w

Prosecutor Antonie Muller said that at the age of 21, Mr. Jenks of Staffordshire, Burntwood died in the early hours of March 25, 2019.

“The car he was driving was driven by this defendant. He left the road and collided with a tree. ‘

At 1.40am, Mr. Muller said he was heading along B4116 Coleshill Road with his friend Poppy Daniels in front of Wagstaff and Mr. Jenks in the back seat.

The three were going to Colwickill, Warwickshire, and when they got into the car, Miss Daniels asked how long it would take. Satnav stated 25 minutes before Wagstaff boasted that he could do it in ten minutes.

Mr. Muller added: ‘It certainly did, and was told to slow down by both Poppy Daniels and Harry Jenks.

“ She did not, and moments took her eyes off the road without losing control.

‘This road is a single lane in both directions with solid white lines in the middle. It’s not a straight path.

‘There is a marked turn in one direction and then in the other, and it failed.

‘The right bend noticed, but just after the left bend it was going too fast to negotiate, install the pavement and hit a tree in the mid air with the outside of the car.’

While Mr. Daniels was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics, Ms. Daniels had bleeding in the brain and other injuries and was in the hospital for almost a week.

Mr. Jenks’ mother, Dawn, said in a statement read in court that her death had left her feeling of suicide.

He added that he had to rely on antidepressants and sleeping tablets and added: ‘There is no word to describe the pain we are experiencing.’

Defense Lewis Perry said: ‘As everyone will appreciate in court, it is a tragic case, not only for the family of the deceased, but also for Mrs. Wagstaff himself.

Stating that he has had significant mental health problems and received counseling since the incident, he added: ‘I state that a suspended sentence will be proportionate.’

After the trial, Ms. Jenks, 53, said: ‘If she removes that child when she gives birth in prison, she has at least an idea of ​​what we feel.

“ He may experience some of the pain he has created – but he has no resemblance to the pain we will experience forever.

“ He will walk freely in a year, but we live it every day and we will do it for the rest of their lives. No sentence will be enough.

The last thing I said to my son was: ‘isn’t he a guard?’ ‘And the fact that it progressed so quickly proved this.

‘The defense lawyer said he was tragic for him too, as he progressed fast, it couldn’t be tragic, right?

He also lied to the police about his speed, so he talks a lot about his character.

“ I’m glad that the baby is pregnant as if it was taken from her, she can understand what she’s doing to us.

“We’re still hugging, but our police liaison officer, Rob Holding, was incredible. I must thank them and my sister Michelle for their continued support.

‘The last words my son told me was’ I love you ‘and we will continue to love him every day.’

He added: ‘He was a very beautiful boy. He lived for life. Everyone loved Harry and loved life. He was very kind.

“ We have always called him a gift from God. I would have twins, but I lost one in 15 weeks, and the doctors all called Harry a gift from God.

“We never had a crossword to say about him. If he thought he was upset, he couldn’t leave the house. He would kiss us and say he always loved. ‘

An avid football player, Harry played at some point for Hednesford Town and worked as a team manager at Co-op as part of the university course.

His mother said he had big plans to travel to the USA with the possibility of working in the automobile industry.

Mr. Jenks lived his mother and 59-year-old father Nigel. He also had two older siblings: Spencer, 29 and 26-year-old Lydia.