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Mehmood Ansari Wiki – Mehmood Ansari Bio

Atlantic City boardwalk merchant Mehmood Ansari died after meeting young people in his shop on Thursday evening.

Forty years ago Mehmood Ansari emigrated from Pakistan to Atlantic City and eventually opened a shop on the boardwalk – City Souvenirs.

His son, Asif Ansari, says the 66-year-old father works hard in the morning and evening and “always smiles”.

Mehmood Ansari Age

Mehmood Ansari was 66 years old.

Mehmood Ansari Killed

A tragedy occurred inside the store on Thursday night. Authorities said Mehmood fell and died shortly after being robbed by a 12-year-old boy with a knife while encountering several children roaming the shop. While Ansari’s autopsy results were pending, his son said he believed Ansari died from the shock of the incident.

After his death, Ansari’s family and other wood traders call for more security in the area.

“He worked on and off every day. It worked very hard for us, ”said Asif. “He always wanted to have (more) security. He was trying, he was trying. But we didn’t know it would end like this. ”

Asif Ansari said that his father was “the heart of Atlantic City” and because he saw it as a “land of opportunity”, he moved to the seaside resort.

He was friendly. He always smiled, everyone loved him… We all miss him. We just wish him to come back, ”Asif said.

Asif Ansari said that his father realized that the theft had become a problem when children and young people entered the shops to buy clothes, sunglasses and souvenirs on the promenade. Asif talked about wanting more security on the boardwalk. His store was between Kentucky and New York streets.

Around 19:30. On Thursday, Asif said that after his father worked that morning, he returned to the shop to bring food to his son, who worked that night. Five minutes later, a group of teenagers and young children tried to steal the belongings. When they came across, they started harassing his father and throwing things at him.

Atlantic County Attorney Damon G. Tyner said in the dispute a 12-year-old boy shook a knife and threatened Mehmood. The prosecutor said shortly after the police arrived that the owner “fainted and was not breathing”. He was taken to the hospital where he died.

“This place is like our home and it is not safe,” said Asif Ansari. He said the incident was caught on surveillance videos.

The two children were not charged with the death of Mehmood Ansari.

The prosecution said they both face charges of robbery, theft, simple assault, and conspiracy. The 12-year-old was also charged with terrorist threats and armed crimes, according to officials.

Amer Kashmiri, president of the local traders association, said harassment of shop owners and theft of the boardwalk has been a problem for “a while”, and was a problem last summer.

A few months ago, he said authorities, including the mayor, county sheriff, and a state legislator, met with owners to discuss security concerns. Kashmir said the police department should allocate more officers to the boardwalk full time and one police station in a few blocks.

Kashmir said the lack of security on the boardwalk discourages tourists from visiting the city.

“We need security. Kashmir, a clothing store and gift shop, we don’t want to do business out of fear,” he said.

Deputy Chief James Sarkos, the interim officer of the city police, responded Friday to the business owners’ concerns, saying the department is “aware of the concerns and complaints” about the children and plans to work at workplaces on this promenade.

Asif Ansari says he wants to see a change after his father’s death.

“He won’t bring my dad back, but I hope he dies of something,” Asif said, “and he has to change something here … we need better security.

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