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Melissa Carone
Melissa Carone

Melissa Carone Wiki – Melissa Carone Biography

Melissa Carone is a contract IT worker at TCF Cente in Michigan who is responsible for repairing defective vote-counting machines. He is on the agenda after his clash with Republican State Representative Steve Johnson at the hearing where he appears as a witness of voter fraud. His sessions went viral, leading to comparisons with former Saturday Night Live comedian Victoria Jackson.

In the November 2020 election, before a Wayne County judge ruled that the allegations were “unconvincing”, Carone claimed that the ballot papers had been smuggled inside food trucks. There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 elections.

Melissa Carone was shushed by Rudy Guliani

One such star witness is Melissa Carone, who was seen silenced by Rudy Giuliani in a clip that was watched a million times before. Witnesses were testifying to the Michigan House Surveillance Committee. President-elected Joe Biden won the state, and Trump’s campaign tried to challenge the results.

Melissa Carone Work

Carone, a contract IT worker responsible for repairing malfunctioning vote counting machines at Michigan’s TCF Headquarters, clashed with Republican State Representative Steve Johnson at the trial.

He writes on Linkedln that he went to the University of Michigan for an Associate Degree in Computing. Information Technology Administration and Management.

Melissa Carone Claims Voting

She claimed that the voting machines were stuck and that the poll workers voted “thousands of times” for the machines. He argued that when he was told he had to testify under oath, he had signed a declaration.

Carone defended the affidavit 

“I am a mother, I have two children, I have two degrees. I do not know any woman in the world who will write an affidavit just to write. You can go to jail for that, ”Carone said at one point.

Claiming to have “pictures” of the boxes as they were being transported from the warehouse, he said, “I know for sure there is illegal activity there.”

Carone’s confrontation with Representative Johnson while being silenced by Giuliani led to comparisons with Saturday Night Live – Carone reminded people of actress Victoria Jackson.

One person tweeted, “It’s nice to see Victoria Jackson been busy lately,” he said. Another was: “Is it on fire? More like a flame, I would say. He brought a Victoria Jackson-like drunk as a witness.” Another was: “Oh my god, this is a Saturday Night Live sketch in which Victoria Jackson comes alive.”