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Melissa Clabburn

Melissa Clabburn Wiki – Melissa Clabburn Bio

Melissa Clabburn is best known as the wife of John Clabburn, who has been TV director for thirty years on Australian shows such as Home And Away, Underbelly, Survivor, LoveChild, The Wiggles, and Wonderland. Her husband reportedly died from a chainsaw accident at his home in Sydney on April 6, 2021.

Melissa Clabburn Age

Melissa Clabburn age unknown will be updated soon.

John Clabburn was Trimming Hedges with a new Power Saw

Clabburn was trimming the fence in his house with a new electric saw when he cut off his hand. He fell ten meters from the ladder and was discovered by his wife soon after. He bought the chainsaw that day. His death was attributed to cardiac arrest due to blood loss from his cut hand.

“When I went out to the back garden, he was crawling on the ground on his stomach, said Clabburn’s wife, Melissa. “There was so much blood, he was clutching his torso.

“I kept getting towels to stem the flow, but the blood wouldn’t stop.” “All he said was, ‘Call an ambulance now,’” she said. “One minute we were admiring how straight the hedge was looking and what a great job he had done — he was so meticulous, he had a great eye for detail — the next, John was in an ambulance. He kept it together for me, but I know he would have been in incredible pain.”

John Clabburn Children

Survivors include his wife and two sons, Josh, 23, and Lewis, 21.


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