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Mercy Baguma
Mercy Baguma

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Mercy Baguma was found in Govan by police on Saturday after friends who had not seen him on Tuesday were alarmed.

The baby boy, who was weakened by crying with hunger next to his mother’s body, is now being cared for by his father, who appears to be a refugee elsewhere in the city.
A Ugandan refugee mother in her 30s was found dead next to her malnourished baby in an apartment in Glasgow.

Mercy Baguma Found Dead

Mercy, who was in his 30s, lost his job after his restriction expired and was no longer allowed to work.

When she applied for asylum, she lived in extreme poverty and relied on food from her friends and charities.

Compassion was discovered by politics on August 22 and was last heard when he spoke to friends four days ago.

One week ago, on August 11, he contacted Positive Action for Philanthropy to seek help and was considered a high priority for support.

The cause of death has not yet been determined. Robina Qureshi, Director of Positive Action in Housing, said: ‘This is the third tragedy that has affected the city’s refugee population in months.

Mercy contacted our charity on August 11 and said it did not receive any financial support, but applied to MigrantHelp.

“If he lived, it would be a high priority for crisis payment from our Emergency Fund, like hundreds of people who are functionally deprived of the asylum system.” The question is still, why are mothers and babies starving in this city? , why is it left to charities and volunteers to get the pieces? Does society have anything to say about it other than calling them a burden on society?

The truth is, there is no safety net if you are a refugee or immigrant.

You are left without resources and need. And you are silenced by the far-right rhetoric that you are being forced to seek help. “Would this mother be alive if she hadn’t been fired by this tyrannical system that prevents you from working and paying your money? paper says your permission to stay has expired?

I’m sure Mercy’s son will want to ask this and other questions when he’s old enough.

Glasgow lawmakers demand action after a series of tragedies involving asylum seekers, including a mass stabbing at a hotel in the Park Inn, where Badreddin Abdalla Adam with a knife attacked six people before being shot and killed by police.

The attack was thought to be related to terrorism and triggered a huge reaction from the police.

Authorities were warned of serious mental health problems, and asylum seekers protested the living conditions in the hotel.

Asylum seeker Adnan Walid Elbii was also found dead in a hotel room during isolation.

It comes after the family of an immigrant who tragically drowned while crossing the channel blamed the French authorities for his death after refusing his asylum request.

Saying that his relatives were 22 years old, Abdulfatah Hamdallah tried desperately to cross the Canal to England, only because he was rejected by France.

He died after the 3-meter boat they were in with a friend was pierced by the oars they used as oars.

His friend somehow survived. However, Mr Hamdallah from Sudan was unable to swim and his body was later found on a beach in Sangatte.

Hamdalla’s second cousin, Al-Noor Mohammed, ‘we grew up together in Sudan and went on this boat only because of the French authorities who did not believe him.

The last time I saw him was Tuesday night. He was on a bike and said he might never see me again. I didn’t believe him, but the Englishman said ‘I’ll see you on the other side’. ‘