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Michael Braeseke
Michael Braeseke

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A high school teacher is under investigation after students alleged that he was watching porn while instructing them virtually during a Zoom class. Michael Braeseke has been accused by students and alumni of South Broward High in Hollywood, Florida, of watching an explicit video during an online class — Global Perspectives & Research — that was part of the college-level Cambridge International program at the school.

The video of the 53-year-old, which has gone viral on Twitter, was first shared by former student Elijah Ruby. In the video Braeseke can be seen looking down while the sound of a woman moaning is heard. Ruby said a friend used a program that performs audio searches to find the porn clip on the internet; it showed a woman having an orgasm while getting a piercing on her body, South Florida’s Sun-Sentinel reported.

Michael Braeseke Teacher Watching P*rn Videos

The former student posted a video of the teacher accused of tagging principal Patricia Brown on Twitter. In Ruby’s tweet, “South Broward high school teacher, Mr. Micheal Braseke, watches pornography in the classroom. This teacher is a well-known pervert who has made improper advances against students in the past. @SBHSPrincipal How would you let this happen?” Brown replied to the tweet: “My student’s welfare. It is always extremely important and always will be. I never ignore the concerns expressed as a survivor. Social media is not the best tool to address these important issues. Please encourage others to email / call me. they are valued! ”

Kathy Koch, chief communications officer for the school district, said, “When school leaders were notified of the teacher’s misconduct during a virtual classroom, they immediately took action and began looking at the allegations and following appropriate protocols before posting on social media. Proctors have been appointed to monitor tests, including this teacher’s classroom. The district and school administration remains committed to the safety and emotional well-being of students. “The issue is being investigated by the special investigative unit of the region.


Many people expressed their views on the video shortly after Braeseke’s video went viral. I feel a press release should be made here. @SBHSPrincipal Over 300 people will not call you. Your students deserve better, ”said one user. The second user wrote: “Even though I find the teacher’s behavior inappropriate, I am more disturbed by what YOU are doing. Can’t you raise your concern directly to the school via a call? Did you feel the need to post it on social media and blow it up for the world to see? This could have been a privately handled issue. . ”