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Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks

Michael Brooks Wiki – Michael Brooks Biography

Political commentator Michael Brooks, who hosted the TV series “The Michael Brooks Show” and the “Majority Report”, died of a “sudden medical condition” in the show’s Twitter account Monday.

Michael Brooks Age

He was 37 years old.

Michael Brooks Career

It was also the co-host of 2 Dope Boys & a Podcast, a two-week podcast that highlights trends and examines the latest developments in business, culture, technology and sports. Brooks, the website for 2 Dope Boys & a Podcast, said, “He established an art and performance incubator in Western Massachusetts where he comedy and comedy, and Buddha’s Playbook became a synthesis of Mindfulness meditation and behavioral economy.

The show was a weekly schedule. Brooks has also contributed and hosted the “Majority Report with Sam Seder,” a political speech show he has been running since 2013. Brooks has also been a regular analyst at various media outlets.

Michael Brooks Death & Cause

Popular web show host Michael Brooks died on July 20 at the age of 37. The ‘Michael Brooks Show’ anchor died due to a medical condition, as noted by his team on Twitter. “We announce that Michael Brooks, a son, brother, friend, and many true comrades, has passed unexpectedly because of a sudden health condition,” said the social media post. However, more details about the cause of his death have not yet been disclosed.

Michael Brooks Family Statement

The post also says that his family will soon release a statement about their plans of keeping his legacy alive by setting up a foundation to honour him. “While the form it will take is uncertain, Michael’s family desires to keep his work alive and asks all who wish to contribute continue doing so in the usual channels. Now we will honor Michael by treating all humans with respect and dignity,” read the statement.

As the tragic news broke, tributes from fans, friends and colleagues started pouring in. One tweet read: “I’m absolutely GUTTED, Rest in Power Michael Brooks.” A user tweeted, “Rest in Power, Michael. I learned so much from listening to you on @tmbsfm and @majorityfm over the years. Such a devastating loss, your voice and passion for progress will be unfathomably missed but the people you moved to action will carry your spirit and work onward.”


Many people said that their political views were shaped by listening to themselves and their thoughts. “I will continue to shape myself. His transition was heartbreaking, but I found comfort in his knowledge that his influence was not over. It is for socialism to create the same values ​​that Michael did and double our commitment to the fight,” said a fan. “Rest in Power Michael Brooks. Everything I learned from you inspired me to be a Socialist. Our struggle for a better world will continue,” said a fan. A deeply influenced Twitter member from Brooks said: “Rest in Power Michael Brooks. You are a big part of my movement to the left, and the world is an empty place without you.”

Former Brazilian president Lula da Silva expressed shock to da Brooks’ sudden death and said: “This year I met someone I thought we would meet again with the young American, a journalist who turned out to be a friend. How? My heart and my prayers go to his family and friends. His passion for social justice can be remembered and inspire people all over the world. “In the statement published by Brooks’ team, Silva is referred to as a” personal hero, “and” his reasons and war for freedom was love for Michael’s heart. ”